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Jun 20, 2007
Altrincham, cheshire
I',m back from my restful holiday with my immediate family. Dad is still in hospital and we've found out that there's such an "animal" (not meant derogatory) as a Discharge coordinator (DC)

Mum hasn't heard about the Panel - four weeks ago, although it's pretty safe that the LA will fund most of Dads care once we get him settled elsewhere.

Ther are waiting lists all over the Authority, and the nearest we like has a waiting list of 3 in front.

Although Dad is "happy" where he is, we are being pushed into getting him out and inot temporary accomodation until a place come available...."it could be two months" the coordinator said. We are not happywith any of the local homes other than the three we identified - longest list, medium list and 3 in front.......

the DC has offered to chase the homes for us on our behalf, which is useful as we all work full time, and Mum is not quite strong enough to deal with authority figures.

Our Social Worker was asked on oour laast visit, as to if there was any confirmation from the LA, and can Mum have her original documents back please.
she looked at us as if we were aliens, and then brought an envelope with the docs in - along with an Estimate of the fees / breakdown from their finance - not the panel decision.

Does anyone know if Mum should recieve a panel decision letter?@ - it would seem appropriate to send one to put her mind at rest.....it seems we have to chase up everything "Social Services".....

Roll on the place becoming available.......

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Steve,

Good to hear you enjoyed your holiday and feel rested.

I don`t know anything about panels and funding, as my mother was self funding and was able to go to the home of her choice, whilst the money lasted. Our problems came much later as the cash dwindled.

It`s a good job your mother has you to fight her corner, if it becomes necessary, and I hope you will be able to stand firm for the home of your choice. It`s your father we are talking about, not a number to keep everything neat and tidy.

Good luck. xx


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Feb 17, 2006
Dad is still in hospital and we've found out that there's such an "animal" (not meant derogatory) as a Discharge coordinator (DC)
No what you mean they want he bed that all they care about , they done it to my brother , then when he went missing , because they thought he was Ok they panic now his safe back in EMI unit .

social services are like a close shop when it come to they panel , hope someone can answer your question you may be able to get it , but bet it be like getting blood out of a stone