What is Dad's test - question????


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Apr 3, 2006
Hi everyone,
Got a question for you. My Dad got his blood results back on Friday and now has to go for another blood test on the 25th - this time no food/drink from 10pm the night before. Does anyone know what this test is for?
Dad phoned for his blood results (from last weeks tests) and of course he can't remember what they are (nor could he remember his next appointment date). Mum phoned up the surgery but they could only tell her the date of the next appointment - they couldn't tell her the results of his last tests because of confidentiality. She explained he can't remember - but they won't budge on this! Typical. So Mum will be accompanying Dad to the surgery at his next appointment (if he will let her) so that we can find everything out.

Does anyone have any idea what test my Dad is going for - is it likely because one of his blood tests showed something (that we don't know about).

How do we get around this confidentiality thing? It just seems so silly telling someone that can't remember!

Any advice would be appreciated on the above.

The ball is well and truly rolling now it would seem - at least Dad is having tests! Getting a bit nervous about it all now though - Dad seems to have been a bit worse this week. My hope for it to be something else is fading fast...

My best to you all.



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Feb 24, 2006
I wouldn't like to hazard a guess at what your dad's tests will be for and I can see how frustrating it is for you. If your mum does accompany him to the next appointment then she should try to get him to say he agrees to his medical information being shared with your mum and also with you if you all think it would help. If necessary see if your dad can write and sign something to that effect.

I don't always thinka lot of my mum's doctors but I have been able to obtain information and have discussions with them without anyone ever raising the issue of confidentiality, luckily.

However, my 18 year old son has diabetes and was 'summoned' to an appoinment with the GP, without knowing what it was for. When I phoned to ask the receptionist refused to tell me without a signed letter from him (slightly ludicrous as I very much doubt that they have a copy of his signature!) When I spoke to the GP, however, he told me everything I needed to know! I have also just found out the results of some of his blood tests from the hospital without any problems.

I hasten to add that this is all with my son's full consent! He just doesn't like making 'official' ohone calls.

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Hi Gromit

Absolutely agree that it's impossible to guess what the next tests are for .. the only thing I would hazard a guess at is that there are probably many reasons for a 'fasting test' (if that makes sense) ....

I went along Noelphobic's route of getting mum to agree to her GP that he could share any information with me when we went along to a 'routine' appointment... (not that I had any difficulty - mum tells everyone to tell me things because she can't hear/remember them herself, bless). The reception staff also have a 'flag' on mum's records to the same effect.... in fact, I am now 'first point of contact' for them .... nice to see a little common sense apply once in a while, isn't it? :rolleyes: I agree so much with you some of the hoops we have to jump through are just downright 'silly'.

One way round confidentiality issues (which applies for lots of other things too) is to ask that details be put in writing and to your dad ..... whoever is asked to send the letter is effectively only giving info to your dad so they're not compromising their 'rules' - but obviously, they have no responsibility for who opens his post....

Gromit, one final thought..... I know it's scary and horrible going through tests and waiting for results.... it's a rollercoaster in itself of great hope and impending despair..... how many times have I heard people say 'It's the not knowing that's the worst' ? and how true I have found that, personally! Whatever is found (or not found) at least you start to get a clearer picture of whatever it is you're fighting against ...

Anyway, hope something in all that ramble helps...... Good Luck!

Love, Karen, x


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Nov 28, 2005
Hello: From past experience with my husband's blood tests, I guess it will be because of a high blood sugar reading. If the ordinary test shows high they will ask for a fasting blood test (hence the starvation overnight). This has happened to us several times. There may be other reasons such as thyroid or anaemia.

I have absolutely no problems with our surgery (that includes doctors, nurses and receptionists) - they just let me have the details I want (I always ask for copies of Davids blood results and I get them - albeit they think I am passing them on to a cardiologist at pacemaker check time (which I do). It probably helps that we have had an excellent long term relationship with them all and my husband is very honest and open about his dementia. Perhaps if an authorisation signature is not obtained then a POA would be useful. (but not sure whether a POA give one the right to obtain medical information ).

Not sure that this will help but surely your GP will understand the situation.
Good luck Beckyjan


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Jun 27, 2006
Oops you've just reminded me - I need to take my son for a fasting blood test! I think you'll find that the 2 things that specifically require a fasting blood test are glucose (for diabetes) and chloresterol, although they normally add others on if they're taking blood anyway.

I must say, while I have had some issues with my Mother's medical care, no one has ever attempted to stall me with words of "confidentiality" Oh, I lie, once a receptionist did. It think the "lower echelon" just have this issue drummed into them and they have no authority to stretch the rules (not blaming them, just recognising the situation). I'm sure it must be pretty frustrating for them as well.



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Mar 12, 2005
West Sussex
Mum's doctor , when her AD was diagnosed always told Dad, then after his death, either my sister or I exactly what was happening, we were lucky in that Mum didn't question anyone going in to see the doctor with her.

The only blood test involving fasting that I know of is for blood sugar levels, my husband has these every 3 months, but there may well be others, I would think your Mum will be told when she goes along for the blood test.

Maybe it would be worth her writing to the GP outlining the problems your Dad has remembering what he is told and the worry this is causing her.

Hope all goes well.



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Oct 28, 2005
Cambridgeshire UK
I just gave them the Enduring Power of Attorney and they made a copy of it and now they will tell me the results when my husband has had any blood tests. They didn't before the EPA and they knew us both quite well as we were always in there! He had to fast for a cholesterol test.



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Apr 3, 2006
Thanks for all the replies. Most helpful - its great that you are all out there, I always feel like I have someone to discuss these trials and tribulations with.

Dad has agreed to let Mum go to the next tests with him. Plus she is going to ask them to share all the information with her - hopefully Dad will agree and so will the surgery.

I will ask Mum to find out if we can have some sort of arrangement with the surgery - so that information can be shared. Also we are going to get an EPA sorted out, but Mum has a lot to deal with at the moment - so doesn't want to get solicitors involved just yet, as we are happy that Dad is cooperating with going to the tests -if we add something else into the mix that might stop him cooperating. But its certainly one of our priorities.

He keeps losing money at the moment - Mum is now writing things down for him, although he gets annoyed at her doing this (probably doesn't like the reality that he is forgetting and this may be seen as a confirmation to him). However, writing down how much money he has been given and what he is spending it on does help reduce any tension over what has happened to his money and helps Mum deal with it without any arguments.

He is currently putting a blind up in the kitchen at the moment (keeping him busy) it takes longer for him to do little jobs these days as he keeps forgetting where he has put something down. Also, he managed to lose the blind itself (its 5 foot 6!!!) - Mum found it in the garden, so he hadn't brought it in from the shed - must have got distracted and forgot (ahem).

Looks like the fasting is for blood sugar or cholestral then eh.... hopefully we will find out soon (well 25th).

Its worrying how his forgetfulness does seem to be progessing, and poor Mum is asked daily when his appointment for the next test is (so she is writing it down!!!). I'm looking for a nice notice board to buy them for the kitchen so that she can start using that with Dad.

Many thanks for all your helpful suggestions and information, I do hope we get to the bottom of what is happening to Dad. They are coming to visit me in a few weeks - can't wait - I like treating them when they come up to Edinburgh - and Dad really likes it here. Make the most of it while we can.....

Take care everyone and I'll keep you posted.



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Aug 20, 2006
There's a vast number of blood tests, but two of the most common ones are to test for diabetes via blood sugar and to check cholesterol levels. My Dad has these once a year, and has to fast from the evening before until the morning blood test for both.


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Sep 1, 2006
Blood test results

Oh yes, this seems familiar, one day I was sitting with Mum and a week earlier she had been for bloods tests and so I was phoning for the results (bearing in mind she had been diagnosed with Dementia and my name as a contact was on her notes) however I got through said who I was and the person said that she could only give the Mum the results was she there! (well o.k. physically she was, but in her mind she was not and would not have been able to understand the info let alone relay to me) so I tried to make the person understand this but to no avail so I could not get the results until we made an appointment with her doctor which I did, but everything was ok. anyway so I was a bit annoyed because I had an unnecessary trip to the doctors with Mum (which I may say was not easy).
In the earlier days when Mum answered the phone sometimes medical professionals tried to leave messages with her, knowing that Mum had dementia? Well I ask you!


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Oct 15, 2005
I'm looking for a nice notice board to buy them for the kitchen so that she can start using that with Dad.
Try a 'whiteboard' Gromit. It's write on, wipe off. We found this useful in the early days of Mum's memory loss.

Hope the tests go Ok AND that you can get sense out of the doctors!