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What help is there please


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May 23, 2015
My mother is now living with me permanently but I have yet to sell her house. I work full time as a teacher and am single. I have no help and am really struggling. I phoned social services but they didn't seem to want to know. I can't afford any help but as a teacher I earn too much to be entitled to anything. All my money goes on bills. Mum goes once a week to an age concern lead group which she loves it costs £15 and worth every penny as she comes back very happy. Does anyone know of anything else she can do in the Doncaster area? She is still pretty alert and unaware she has Alzheimer's. I am concerned she does not get enough social interaction just stuck at home all day.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Halebop

Welcome to Talking Point.

I don`t understand why your income is taken into account with regard to your mother`s entitlements. You may be next of kin but you are not considered legally responsible for her care.

Are you intending to put her house on the market?

If your mother has had a diagnosis for more than six months she will be entitled to Attendance Allowance which is not means tested.


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May 4, 2013
Adult Social Care (social services) should do an appraisal if your mum has been diagnosed, they certainly did for my mother. From that they will make suggestions based on her needs. They are generally very busy and have a backlog, in my experience.

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Pete R

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Jul 26, 2014
I have no help and am really struggling. I phoned social services but they didn't seem to want to know.
Hi Halebop and welcome to the forum.:)

The New Care Act came into force in April this year and places a lot more onus on LA's......
Local authorities must: “establish and maintain a service for providing people in its area with information and advice relating to care and support for adults and support for carers”.

Give these links a read and call them back and remind them of their responsibilities.:)

You are probably not entitled to any carers allowance because of your work but your Mother, depending on her age, may well be entitled to Attendance Allowance. Ring as soon as you can as that will normally be classed as your application date.

If you haven't done so already then begin to sort out Power of Attorney so in the future you can take care of your Mothers Financial affairs and Personal Welfare. This is really important especially with a house to sell.

To some this may sound a tad harsh, but if your Mother has funds or is receiving a pension then do start charging her a fair rent including the food you buy for her. If the time comes when she is financially assessed and has money to pay for any care the LA wont give a "flying fig" for what you have paid out yourself.

I wish you and your Mother well.:)


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Jul 14, 2006
Hi and welcome from me too.

Before your Mum came to live with you she paid her way in life as we all do. Now she lives with you it should be the same. A fair share of utility bills and food would not be abusing her, financially, infact it would be very generous of you because as we all know there is a great financial strain on us to keep a house upto scratch regarding maintenance and repair plus insurance etc.

SS if asked have to make an assessment to your Mothers needs and to yours as a carer. As you work then you won't get carers allowances but you still have needs that have to be taken into account.

Your mother needs an assessment so that her needs are covered. Once this is decided then she will be financially assessed to see what she can afford towards any costs. Your financial position has nothing to do with this and they don't need to know. If they should ask just smile sweetly and decline. It could be your Mum will have to pay in full for any service that can supply or suggest but you will know what is out there to give your Mum a little more stimulation and you a little more peace of mind.

You are very welcome here, please keep posting and making use of the support and advice that is readily given by our members,

Take care.