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What happens after a stay in hospital?


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Apr 2, 2012
Forest of Dean
Hi I am looking for some advice please.

On Monday evening My o/h had a fall and broke his hip. So he is now in hospital.

I visited today and they are already talking about sending him home early next week. That might be ok with a fully aware adult, but firstly we have 8 concrete steps up to the front door, 12 down to the back door and stairs in the house. There's nowhere downstairs that I could put a bed.

Also I still work part-time.

I couldn't go to work and leave him because there's no guarantee that he wouldn't try and do something he shouldn't. Even today he was trying to walk without his walker and they have put a note by his bed stating high risk of falls, because he doesn't understand what he should be doing.

I spoke to the Ot & explained all this and she said she would make my views known, but it doesn't seem as though I am going to be a party to their discussions regarding his discharge and where he goes. I asked 'do I have a say in this?' And as I said she just said she would make my views known.

Is this right?

We don't have a social worker at the moment cos our one recently took early retirement and they haven't appointed anyone else yet so our case is in the pending file.

Also the consultant dealing with his Alzheimer's has left and a locum has been appointed but we haven't seen her yet. We were due to be going this Thursday, because I asked for an appointment because to me he has deteriorated rather a lot more recently, but if course I've had to cancel that.

It's no good them sending carers in for half an hour here and there because when I am at work I can see that now he will need constant supervision.

Infeel it would be for the best for him to either go to the local cottage hospital ( the main hospital is 40 mins away by car if the traffics good) or into a respite care for a few weeks until he can get about unaided.

I've heard that he can get care for up to 6 weeks following a fall like this, but don't know if that's true.

Also what about funding etc?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I am a bit all over the place at the moment.

Many thanks