what else can i do? very very angry!!!


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May 1, 2005
*deep breaths*

hi i will begin at the beginning....

last week mum asked me to ring the dept of work and pensions, because dad was on Disability Living Allowance and they needed to know that he is in hospital.

So i rang them one afternoon whilst mum was here sitting next to me, she witnessed the whole conversation. I explained dad was ill and in hosp, gave dates etc they took my name and address, i said i would update them as necessary.

Today i get a letter saying sorry mr --- had DIED....but could i fill out this form for their records etc etc etc

I was and am fuming!!!!!

I rang the dept and was very angry and went a tad ballistic...

I then done a copy of the letter and sent a complaint in "the envelope provided"

I am still very very angry, how can these mistakes be made??

I am so pleased it came to me and not mum, she would of been so distressed :(

i just cannot believe this has happend...

is there anything else i can do??

i would hate for this to happen to anyone else

love jane xx

blue sea

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Aug 24, 2005
Know just what you mean. Just as you're at your lowest some 'uncaring' official makes a terrible mistake like you describe. You did the right thing to complain. Life's too short to let the anger continue, though. I sometimes make a list of all the complaints I'm going to take even further (though I know I'll never have time) but it makes me feel better!
Blue sea


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Mar 7, 2004
Dear Jane, so sorry to hear of your experience at the hands of the DWP.
Thankfully you were able to handle it, rather than your Mum.

I think you have done everthing possibe, with your telephone call and subsequent letter. Do hope you are now feeling calmer.

You are not alone in mistakes being made by the DWP. Some years ago I was widowed and the death grant did not arrive as promised. Like you I got very angry and upset and then my bereavment payment arrived, made out as MATERNITY BENEFIT. I can laugh now but was very upset at the time.

Hope this has made you feel better and that things look up a bit for you soon. Love Connie


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Sep 14, 2004
Sorry to hear of the mix up and the natural upsetting effect this can have.
have they offered an explanation or apology yet...

Just to play devils advocate for a moment, I dont know how it was address, but is there any remote possibility that this should have been addressed to another "mr joe bloggs" there might be some other pour soul who should have had that and not you if you see what I mean. These things happen. Just trying to put another angle on things.

But it doesnt take away from your feelings of anger, as either way a mistake has been made, can only suggest you direct your anger and everything this direction, and allow the hospital to continue to care for your Dad and others. I know it's easy for me to say that, but I have felt as you do now, I also have seen what a fabulous job the majority of nurses and dr's do under great pressure, this unfortunately was the mistake of some pour soul in admin, or possibly a computer

Hope you feel more happy soon
take care
hugs TED