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what can I do?


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Nov 5, 2012
My mother has dementia diagnosed only few months ago, although she is rapidly going downhill. My sister and myself dont know what to do for the best for her, we have been looking after her for few weeks but work commitments is making it very hard for both of us, we want to do the right thing by our mum. She is very agitated and is scared of being alone, we thought of having carers in but they would not be there 24 hrs day, we have found her some respite care in a nice ch but she totally freaks out if we mention her going there to try it, we are at our wits end, has anyone got any suggestions.


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Nov 28, 2005
I suggest you get an Assessment by Social Services - this factsheet explains what it means. It would be helpful if you or your sister could be present as it can be difficult for sufferers to explain the true situation.
I also suggest you telephone the local branch of the Alzheimer's Society. They know what local support is available and some have their own Dementia Support Workers which could be of benefit to your Mother as they are likely to visit her at home. You can find your local branch here.

I hope that helps and I am sure others will be along shortly.
Best wishes