What are the stages.....


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Apr 9, 2005
Could any one advise me as to what the stages of vascular dimentia are ....
I have noticed that through reading messages on here people refer to 2nd stage etc..
How can you tell and how many stages are there...
Danni x


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Hi Danni, me again!! The thing with Vascular is that it tends to go down more in steps you can kind of see (after the event a bit) rather than the slow gradual decline of straight Alz. There are no real times, everyone is different, but as with Alz, gradually the faculties dissapear and the sufferer becomes more and more dependant and child like, incontinent, unable to feed themselves etc. It can be rapid or can take years. Just love them through what ever is to come, thats all you can do really. Sorry not to be more cheerful, but thats how it was for us anyhow. Love She. XX