What a wonderful day


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Oct 6, 2007
Hi everyone.

I always seem to be moaning, so today instead of moaning I want to share my wonderful day with you all.

Firstly, when I woke up I felt very positive, I wanted a wonderful day, and I did.

I went over to mums this morning, we had coffee, then I told her to get ready and we were going shopping. She was delighted with this idea, and we quickly set off in the car to Fareham, which is a lovely shopping centre all under cover. We shopped lots, we looked at wonderful things, mum bought a lovely pair of trousers, we tried shoes on, mum bought 3 jigsaws, toiletries, and we bought enough christmas cards for the whole of the village to use :) .

Then we had lunch out. Then we went to Marks and Spencers, then to Homebase where mum bought lots of flowers, then we went for a lovely drive in the country and then back home.

It was wonderful, mum was happy, we laughed lots, we were silly together, and everytime she started being negative I made her laugh by changing the subject into something really silly. She loved it.

And then I came home and I had my first box of organic vegetables delivered - so my poor husband is going to be having lots and lots of vegetable soup for the next week :)

Thank you. I just wanted to share my day with you all.

Love Michele xx


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Michele, thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us. And thank you for sharing it with your mum. It is a memory that will always be with you.

What a lovely daughter you are.

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Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Dear Michele,
You deserved a lovely day for being so positive and putting in so much effort
Love xx


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Sep 19, 2007
What a lovely posting Michele. I smiled from beginning to end - you'll both sleep well tonight I am sure!

Love from Sammyb


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Jul 31, 2007
What a difference a good day makes

Dear Michelle,
To-day you must have been very happy, tired from all that shopping but no the less, you both spend quality time to-gether.
Much love. christine


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Nov 28, 2005
How lovely to read your post - both to share your wonderful day and to know that if you think 'positive' then it can be good. I hope this great feeling lasts and lasts.

Thanks for sharing the good times with us. Best wishes Jan

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