What a rotten week


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Mar 23, 2008
Mum had a blood test on Tuesday for her cancer and afterwards, as a little treat, we decided to have a little walk to the cake shop for tea and a bun. Unfortunately, even though I had hold of mum she tripped on a small step and fell resulting in her arm being broken in three places, one of which was a Colles fracture which had to be manipulated under a local anaeshetic. She coped with it really well as she doesn't seem to register pain since she's had dementia. In fact, I think I suffered more!
Unfortunately,yesterday she started showing signs of another stroke and I called the doctor in and she was sent to hospital. They decided to do a blood transfusion as she was anaemic, a chest x-ray (thankfully clear) and a brain scan (still waiting for results.
When I went to see her today she was rambling and not coherent at all and I was advised that they think she had another stroke during the night but they would not commit until the scan results were in. I feel gutted as she had been doing so well and things had been quite pleasant for a while, now she has gone back to how she was many months ago - seeing things and not making any sense, not even knowing where she was,although she still knew me. The doctor even asked me about resuscitation if the worse comes to the worse and I decided that if anything happened then to let mum go peacefully.
I feel as though I'm walking a tightrope at the moment just trying to keep my emotions in check. Fingers crossed that the news I get tomorrow is good news as I'm not ready to let go yet.
Will keep you posted.


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Oh dear, Liz, what a shame that your mum had her fall. They can have a devastating effect on someone with dementia. And with a stroke on top, your mum must be very poorly.

I think you've made the right decision, not to resuscitate if it should come to that, but you know it might not. Your mum might not be ready to let go yet.

All you can do is wait and see, I'm afraid, and I know how hard that is.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mum.

Please let us know how she gets on.



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Jan 20, 2008
Oh Liz - what a horrible time for you and of course your mum. I really hope the news is better tomorrow - you have been through so much.

I'm holding your hand from a distance!

Kind regards and hugs



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Nov 16, 2007
East Midlands
Hello Liz,

feel as though I'm walking a tightrope at the moment just trying to keep my emotions in check.
That's exactly what you're doing.
Waiting time is the worst.....whatever is the outcome you'll handle it..it may not be as bad as you're anticipating.

I do feel for you..you love and care for your mum and are having to make hard decisions..
Thinking about you both tonight..

Love gigi xx


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Mar 27, 2008
Hello Liz

Yes it was a rotten week for you and I can only hope that next week will be a brighter one for you.

Very best wishes



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Apr 17, 2008
southampton hants

Dear Liz,

Sorry to hear your news. It's when you're doing something nice together like going out for tea and cake that you really appreciate how nice it is to be able to do these things, then something like that happens.

I hope things improve soon .



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Sep 22, 2006
Hello Liz So sorry to hear about your Mum, but what you said about not feeling pain, I think my Mum has that also, I had not read about this before but it is a small blessing.
Stay Strong Memori


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Mar 23, 2008
Thank you so much for your kind words and good wishes it's very heartening to know that there are such kind people around.
Apparently, they've had to do another brain scan today and we are still waiting on the results so mum is still in hospital. The chest x-ray is clear and she has had a blood transfusion.
When we went in to see her today she was crying as she said she had missed her grand-daughter's wedding and she had made us miss it too by coming to visit her. Even the nurses asked me about the wedding! Bless her, my daughter was married 3 years ago. Anyway, the sun was shining so we put her in the wheelchair and took her outside to sit on the bench and watch the world go by. We chatted about things, not much of it made sense, but when we took her back to the ward she was much happier and we left her sat on the bed reading the paper.
I expect we'll have to wait until Monday now to hear the results but fingers crossed, it will be positive. Will let you know.
Liz x


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Liz, that's wonderful news!:)

If your mum was well enough to sit outside for a while, she must be a lot better.

Let's hope you have some good news on Monday.



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Sep 7, 2007
Hi Liz

I am so sorry to hear how things have been for you and your Mum, like all the post before i really hope you get good news and please pass on my very best wishes to your Mum even though she will not know who i am.

Wishing you also the very best, keep your chin up we all know how hard this illness is to come to terms with, but we all cope differently, rest assured you are not alone on TP

Layla Bud


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Mar 23, 2008
Mum back home

Well, good news - Mum was discharged from hospital today which was really pleasing as I was becoming very concerned about her mental state which seemed to be deteriorating every time we went in. She was so agitated and it took us ages to calm her down but I'm hoping that now she is home, we can get her back into her routine.
For some reason, the nurses were only giving her half her dosage of quetiapine but couldn't give me an answer as to why. One nurse became angry with Mum because she kept wandering around the ward and I had to explain to her that it was because of the dementia not because Mum was being difficult.
Anyway, they have given her some new tablets on top of her others called sodium valproate as she has been showing signs of seizures which can look very similar to a stroke. Has anybody heard of these or can give me any info?
Hopefully, she will settle down again although tomorrow I have to take her back to the fracture clinic for her arm to be x-rayed and re-plastered. Life is never dull is it?
Liz x


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Mar 7, 2004
Dear Liz, was sorry to read about your mum, but pleased for you that she is back home with you again.

Such worrying times.

Lionel has been on sodium valoprate for about 8 months now.
He has had several siezures in this time. As he is bedbound and immobile,I cannot say if the medication has affected him in any way. He certainly seems no worse for being on said meds.

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