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What a rotten day


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Mar 9, 2015
My Mum, after a weeks stay in Hospital, is now home with the Reablement team coming in 4 times a day. Today has been horrible. I had a call to say that she seemed confused and was not eating as her 'teacher' had told her not too. (she has not been eating much at all this past 4 weeks or so and is losing weight ) Anyway I arrived at 5.30pm when I had finished work. Mum was back in bed sound asleep! After doing some small chores I went in and she asked why everything was a muddle and what was going on. All sorts of repeated questions followed, why was she were she was, where did I live, who with, she refused to believe my children were her grandchildren, she couldnt understand how I knew her husband better than she did, so was it me that was interested in him! (My dad! ). She couldnt remember being married as it never happened and was quite nasty. The whole sorry tale was repeated over and over. To be honest I couldnt wait to leave. I have never seen her this bad and it was quite shocking. I know dementia is a horrible disease with an ongoing decline, but could this be another infection or is this just how it is ? :confused:


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Jul 27, 2013
May be worth a check for infection .

It's a horrible thing this dementia , it can be like that , but then again it may not .
I can offer support and a big huggggggg if that helps any , it's hard I know. Xx


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Jun 15, 2015
It's horrid isn't it. As Kjn says it could be an infection. But it could also just be the confusion as a result of being in hospital. I experienced this with my Mum recently when she came back home after 2 weeks in hospital: she didn't know me or my partner; she wouldn't accept me as her daughter; she didn't have a clue about anything at home and asked lots of questions over and over again. I was v concerned but over the next week or so she got back to normal and is now on an even keel. So it might just take a few days - but I know it's tough to cope with. All the best