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what a BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

dedicated doe

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Aug 24, 2007
wirral merseyside
HI Again,my dear Dave is 60 today i had plans to give him a lovely day spoil him rotten as usual,and what happens he ends up spending most of the day in a hospital ward,last evening his speech was alittle slurred,(thought it was being excited from having a small celebration at his day centre) but no this morning he was much worse so GP sent him to hospital,after usual tests i now find he has had some mini strokes,i feel so helpless as what else to do,now i hope his new appointment with the stroke team will come through soon,have any other members had this problem as i say its just with the speech at the moment,then after some hours he is o.k.but cannot recall anything. apart from that we have have just had a lovely tea party for him and i think he will sleep tonight as he is shattered fingers crossed.Bye for now God Bless Doe.


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Oct 1, 2006
Dear Doe
How I feel for you.
I too was 60 at the weekend and my kids pulled out all the stops to give me a great day.
Only thing was that my husband had a mini-stroke halfway through the day, we put him to bed and he slept for a few hours and then got up fine so we all went for my small party.
He was fine so we thought stayed up late and joined in with everyone but after they had all gone the next day he cannot remember a thing and he still remembers nothing.
We have noticed a big decline in his behaviour and the nurse told me he may never get that part of his memory back which is upsetting him.
I wish you all the best


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Jul 31, 2007
Dear Doe,
Sorry to hear about Dave.
My husband Peter, kept having mini strokes. Several times he was admitted to hospital for observation.
After sleeping, he would wake up confused and his speach was hard for him to express himself.
Each time his walk and movement was so much slower.
Perhaps when Dave is home you could give another party for him. I know it is not the same as on the day but from your point of view it would give you something positive to do for him.
This has been my own personel experience as Peter did not even know when it was his birthday.
Wishing you both all the best