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Jul 22, 2015
Hi everybody

I am one of three children who are increasingly concerned with our mothers (95) short term memory. Our father (88) is looking after her in the family home and after persuading him to take her to her GP for a diagnosis they appear to have been put off from pursuing the matter any further.

The GP did a simple memory test. Said that further tests - blood, urine and brain scans would be required and did they really want to put her through this.

They decided not. They are happy with this result because they have at least done what we were asking.

Should we be concerned at this apparent lack of eagerness on behalf of the GP to take the matter further?

Comments and experiences would be greatly appreciated.



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Apr 24, 2013
Do they need financial or social care assistance which a diagnosis would help? They would be able to apply for Attendance Allowance which is not means tested and reduction of council tax payments. They could also access help from social services- allegedly!

It all depends on how your Dad is coping.


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May 21, 2014
I find this an extremely disappointing statement from the GP. Yes, she is 95 but as has been pointed out, medication is not the only support she could receive. There are allowances, council tax exemption plus help from social services in the form of day care sitters, carers, respite, telecare etc plus an OT could check the place out and prescribe grab rails or whatever else might help her.