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Nov 17, 2015
Hello :)
i help look after my granddad although he has not been diagnosed he failed his memory thing but is refusing to go for any more test etc. he is gradually getting worse but i would think he is early stages.
im hoping to find help or advice on here,


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Nov 8, 2015
Feel Like I am Going Mad

I am still waiting for an official diagnosis but my mum had another fall three months ago and spent 6 weeks in hospital. Since then life has been a nightmare. To start with my mum who is 83 was so confused and kept calling the lifeline and paramedics saying she shouldn't have come out of the hospital. She has been fixated on her toilet habits for about a year now and wears incontinence pants all the time and sits on a bed liner etc......she is on citalopram and zomorph but just this last week has really changed and accused me of taking everything from her demanding her credit cards back and all her finances............I could write an essay on the last year but the worse part is we are moving to Spain next year and mum is now holding this against me saying how will she cope.....but we have a great care package in place, I do all her shoping etc online and have done for over a year, we have PoA, she has become very clever at fooling people who pop in that she is fine and it's as if no one believes me as to what she is really like........finding the phone dead in her walker, a half eaten sandwich down the side of the chair, she never answers the phone to anyone anymore saying i is broken yet managed to phone the family solicitor accusing me of all sorts and then phoned me threatening if I didn't ive everything back she would call him, but she already had!!!!! then she started accusing me and my husband of taking everything of her ipad (not that she has eve been able to use it on her own!) and taking all her dementia paperwork....of which there isn't any as she hasn't officially been diagnosed yet........she even turned on her grandson yesterday and he was so upset.....I feel so guilty at times for going abroad but if I stayed I would go mad I just cant cope and want my mum back!!!!! I have just had a hip replacement as well and for the past 10 days she hasn't asked me once how I am which I also know is not my mum........there feel a little better for a rant but it won't change anything will it........

t hall

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Nov 22, 2015

Hi, I have just joined the forum today. My mum was diagnosed with alzeimers about two and a half years ago. She lives alone and has managed very well up until recently. I live close by so I'm always on hand when she needs me.
This last week things have been pretty bad, she has been unable to understand how to take her medication, 3 doses a day. I was thinking about buying an electronic pill dispenser , though introducing something new might make matters worse.
Has anyone had any experience of using these or any other tips that might help.


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Nov 24, 2015
Moral support

Hello all. I'm new here . thought I needed some moral support as both parents are on the blink. And its going to get much worse.

disease curious

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Nov 23, 2015
question regarding patients thought process

A quick overview, then l have a question.
My mother n law is in a home for Alzheimer's patients. she's in the advanced stage. Meaning, generally non-functional, I am curious as to what she thinks about while staring, not socializing at all. Albeit, she can talk, barely. she responds to questions, she smiles, she barely feeds herself. Food of course is puréed, but she feeds herself, with some support. She is in a wheelchair and requires assistance to get around.

Question: are there studies to help us better understand what or how she thinks or if she thinks of anything. She, and others in the home, basically sit and stare. Look at TV with no reaction. Some consistently talk to themselves. But, when I see a patient, sitting alone and staring at .....well nothing/space. Head hanging, some hanging their heads lower than others. My Mother in Law doesn't seem to hang her head as low as others.
I have to wonder, and am curious, is she rethinking old memories? Thinking of what is going on around her, somewhat semi-alert? Or, is her surroundings "non existent"? No thoughts at all?
I'd appreciate any input, Thank you.


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Nov 25, 2015

Hi our elderly father approaching 90 in January has been diagnosed with Alzheimers . He lives on his own still but things are becoming more and more difficult. He is in his normal bubble and has no understanding of his condition. But it is so difgicult for my sister and I. At times we feel so guilty he will not accept help becsuse he is convinced he is fine...but he isn't. SO SAD


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Nov 25, 2015
stevenage, hertfordshire
I'm a new carer looking for someone to chat to!!

Hi there, I'm new to this and it was suggested that I sign up to 'talking point' as it's somewhere I can come to ask for help or just advice on something i'm struggling with to with my dad's dementia.
I look forward to chatting here as I find it difficult to get to group sessions as I work full-time.


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Nov 26, 2015
East Yorkshire
New member - seeking advice on MCI - Mild Cognitive Impairment

Hello All

New member to this group.

My mum has recently been diagnosed with MCI, the doctors say there is no treatment for this. As a family we have no experience of dealing with any kind of dementia or memory loss. Any help or advice would be welcome please.

She is becoming very forgetful and confused, has lost conception of time with regards to cooking etc. She is very quiet and doesn't communicate very much or do many daily tasks she used to do. She has always been very intelligent and on the ball with life.

If anyone could help or let me know of any know help or support I would be very grateful, I'm struggling to know what to do to help my Mum and to help Dad and myself cope.

Many thanks


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Nov 26, 2015
Stressed out

I have terminal cancer and find life so difficult to cope with that and my husband's Alzheimers any advice would be welcome
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Dec 8, 2011
North West
Welcome from me too nanberry. I'm so sorry to hear of your sad situation. I'm sure you would find it helpful to go to the two sites I mentioned in my previous post (just before your post).
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