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Aug 24, 2013
Welcome to TP Sara
As Pete says help is a postcode lottery so you have to see what's available in your location, me telling you about what's available where I live isn't much help and even though it's early days for you the more you find out now the easier it will be when you have a problem.
Obviously your local AZ society is a good place to start, AGEUK and CAB are good too it's about networking at a local level, go to the dementia cafes and speak to people, not just the staff but anyone who's there because you'll all be in the same boat.
People with memory issues can become very introspective so if you can get her going to places like a dementia café, day centre or whatever is available and make it part of her life now there's more chance she will continue to go and not pull back into her shell the way that so many people do as they decline.


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Mar 20, 2018
Sorry just to say that my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's dementia in Nov 2016 and by August 2017had list all ability to cook boil the kettle or bath herself. One of my 2brothers came in at lunch time to heat up a ready meal . That lasted for about 2months then carers came in. By Christmas it was to much and I came down to look after mum , it soon became apparent that I had to move in. For three days I had no food mum still had the dares coming in but I was unable to leave the house. My home is 300 miles away. My brother refused to help and just laughted! Anyway after a lot of drama and not being allowed to had the original copy of the Health POA the social worker made the decision that mum go into a nursing home. Now you need to read 300miles away to catch up with how things are now.
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