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nae sporran

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Oct 29, 2014
A slightly belated welcome to DTP @jennifer1967. I see you have made a few contributions so far, and hope you have found it useful. A sense of humour definitely helps, it was even listed as a key skill at a dementia carers course I was on a few years back.


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Mar 12, 2018
I have been reading posts on this forum for a couple of years but never had the nerve to post myself. My husband has Alzheimer’s, diagnosed three years ago, and I am his sole carer. I have really benefited from reading all your posts and it has helped as we have gone through from day today facing new challenges. My husband has many underlying problems and his mobility is very poor but we keep going enjoying each other’s company from day to day.
However, a week ago he was taken into hospital with a tummy problem. During the day he had a temperature and an infection so was put on the isolation ward and tested for coronavirus. This came back negative but he is still on the isolation ward and I am not allowed to visit him. I cannot even get to speak to a nurse only the ward clerk so I don’t know anything about what is happening to him. I miss him so much but I cannot do anything about it as I also am in my 70s and have to keep my distance from others at present. I know that because of the circumstances at the moment I can’t change things but it is just nice to be able to share it with people who understand .


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Aug 31, 2003
Hi @Pigletpostie and welcome to the forum.

I’m so sorry to read of your situation. Such a worry for you. I’m glad you have found the forum and can share here. I know you will find lots of help and support here. I’m not sure if you’ve seen this but there’s an area of the forum where people are sharing their thoughts and concerns about the situation -

As you say people here understand - keep posting.


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Apr 30, 2019
South East
Hi @Pigletpostie, welcome to posting . I’m sorry to hear your husband is in hospital and that you can’t see him, that must be very hard on you . I don’t know how it’s working in there but could you ask for a call from the nurse to be updated ? I know they are extremely busy but I’m sure they would want you to be kept up to date . Take care of yourself . Keep posting .
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