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Oct 2, 2007
If you have just joined Dementia Talking Point, a very warm welcome to you :)

You are reading our Memory concerns and seeking a diagnosis forum. If you have concerns about your memory or someone else's, you may find the following information helpful:

Worried about your memory? (booklet)

Concerned about someone else's memory problems?

Normal ageing vs dementia

Getting started

If you’re trying to find your way around, here are some tips...
  • You can find answers to FAQs here
  • Our Help videos will show you how to navigate the different areas of Dementia Talking Point
  • We have a Quick Guide explaining how to use Dementia Talking Point including logging in, posting, replying, checking private messages and searching
Other areas of Dementia Talking Point

There are lots of areas of Dementia Talking Point to discover. Take a look at the homepage to see a list of different forums. Once you click on the forum that is most relevant to you, look for the blue button that says +Post New Thread to start your own discussion.

You might also like to visit the Tea Room for relaxing and unwinding, as well as a section for members' poetry and an area for discussing difficult feelings. Our legal and financial section is full of helpful information on lots of financial, legal and benefits issues.


One of our members has kindly put together a list of abbreviations commonly used on Dementia Talking Point, which might help you to make sense of some of the terms used here.

More help with using Dementia Talking Point

If you would like more help with using Dementia Talking Point, you might find it useful to:

1. Read the information and tips on our Help page

2. Drop us an email at talkingpoint@alzheimers.org.uk
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