Weird Stuff during the night!


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Oct 20, 2004
Hi again!

We believe that Mum is in the early stages of AD, at what point does it become the 'middle'?

I spoke to Dad about my last post and speaking to the Doctor to see if they can try any of the other drugs....he said you and that bl**dy internet, the doctors know best. She's not due to go to the doctor for 3 months, I think he should take her sooner rather than later....any advice on how to make him see sense?

In addition he's now admitted that she's getting up in the middle of the night about 2-3 times a week, trying to get dressed and go out and one night wanting to remove the nails from the bed! Is this indicative of her getting a lot worse, or is it a common thing in the early stages?

It's the feeling of being so helpless about the situation that's getting me down, I feel a little like we're not doing enough and Dad basically just sees me as being a nuiscance! So difficult trying to get through to him. I know he's finding her hard going at times but I don't want her to potentially get worse because we've not done enough to help her.

Thanks for any advice!



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Aug 10, 2004
Dear Mandyp, Theres only one thing certain with A/D it will progress no one can say when the changes will occure because everyone is differant,in fact with my mum because she lives with us it seems harder because we can miss the detereation until i stop and think she was able to do or remember something afew weeks ago and now she nolonger can.Thats the hard part you can not predict whats going to happen you just have to adapt as you go along.It could be this that your dad fears the unknown try and get him to learn as much as he can about A/D it really does help to be informed.You could put it to him that with your mum having broken nights it will make him less able to cope so it might be a good idea for them both to see the gp to put him in the picture about the changes in your mums routine and to see if he can offer your dad any advice.good luck storm.


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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear Mandy,

Gradual changes are really hard to monitor if you are living with the situation on a daily basis, as is your father. Printing off some the Fact Sheets would be a very good idea, provided he is amenable to reading them - as well as a trip to the GP before the 3 month appointment.

I hope this helps.



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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
remember that Dad is also going through stages.
In the first instance he would resent any one even knowing about the situation and try and cope alone.
He would also resent "Help" and see it as interference,but eventually he begin to see things your way and be grateful for any help.
Be patient,day to day
best wishes


Dear Mandy

If my experience is anything to by, and which is similar to your own, you won't be able to MAKE Dad see anything until he is ready. And he has the final say in these matters as Mum's official immediate next of kin. He is probably having his own mental fight in coming to terms with Mum's AD and the devastating effect it will have on the future.

It's all about how far and how much your Dad is able to cope with and, again in my own experience, there came a time when coping was no longer a choice and the doctors and system kicked in.

Just try to be there to support him, however frustrating that is I know.

thinking of you


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Mar 27, 2004
Weird Stuff during the nght

Dear Mandy

Go easy on your dad, he will be going through hell.

At first he won't want to admit there is anything wrong with your mum.

Then he won't want anyone else to know.

Then he will be sure he can cope himself.

Then he will tend to believe that the professionals know best, not realising that they only go on what you tell them or what they observe during infrequent visits.

Can you get him to read the Threads on TP?

Have you a CPN with whom you can get in touch?

Or can you visit his GP stressing that it is your Father's health that is worrying you as well as your Mum's.

This is going to need all your tact and persuasion but I think it is worth a try.

Best of luck



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