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Weird illness


Registered User
Apr 23, 2014
What a weird illness this is! I had good nights sleep last night yet today I feel really tired and don't want to do a thing... :( Wish I could point out why, so I could do something to make me feel better. But can't put my finger on it. So weird hopefully my wife who is so understanding doesn't take it to heart. But I just know I've said a few things today that I regret but can't remember what... Now if that's not weird than what is.. I hope you all feeling good today as I just don't want to upset you to.. .. I'm off now for the day as I said just not in the mood Sorry


Registered User
Sep 7, 2012
Hope tomorrow is a better day, Skeletor.

Now THERE'S a sentence I never thought I'd write. :)