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Weight Loss


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May 12, 2005
My husband who was diagnosed 7 years ago has lost almost 30 kilos since diagnosis. He is only 63 and has been in a care centre for the last 8 months as I work full time and he became extremely difficult to handle. It is not that he does not eat, as he finishes his meals and I take him extra treats four or five times a week but he will still try and eat anything he sees such as leaves, stones or cream as I am trying to rub it on him. Does anyone else have this problem, as it is worrying me so much.
As he is still mobile I do not want him confined in any way and as a result he has access to EVERYTHING in the garden at the home. As fast as I replace plants he destroys them but fortunately the Matron at the home is very understanding and just turns a blind eye to the destruction.
HELP !!!!
Kind regards to everyone,


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Jun 27, 2006
Louise - has he been tested for anything else that might cause this (thyroid problems for example). I sometimes think that we (and the medical personnel) forget that a person can have one of the dementia's AND have something totally separate. I do think weight loss can be part and parcel of this disease because appetite decreases but this isn't the case here so I'd be pushing to see if there are other possibilities.


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Mar 7, 2004
Dear Louise,

Lionel (67) lost about four stone in weight in the first year in care.

He is totally immobile, but has a very healthy appetite. I do think he would eat anything he saw, were he able to get about. Some days the only response from him is the opening of his mouth to eat.

No answers......just hope that you get some help with this situation.


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Feb 16, 2009
Hi Louise

My mum (68) lost 6 stone after developing FTD 3 years ago.

She is wheelchair bound and has a healthy appetite which we have tried to supplement with protein and high calorie drinks and milkshakes (she has problems with swallowing so we have to use thickeners).

She has had full checks and blood tests which haven't turned up any problems (no diabetes, anaemia, etc) although one of her kidneys has stopped working.

Our doctors have no explanation for the weight loss other than lack of mobility leading to muscle wastage.

All the best



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Mar 6, 2007
Wigan, Lancs
Hi Louise,

My dad has lost 3 stone since being admitted to a care home 8 months ago. He won't always eat his meals but we try and bring him biscuits and chocolate to supplement his appetite.

He has certainly lost muscle tone as he is no longer very mobile.

My understanding was that the brain controls every function of the body, including dealing with food and as brain function diminishes the body is no longer able to take the nourishment from food. I have tried to find more scientific information on this, but all I have found is reports that weight loss is common in the later stages of dementia.

All blood tests are normal but the medical staff are resistant to accepting that the weight loss is due to the dementia.


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May 12, 2005

Thank you all for your replies. I feel a whole lot better knowing weight-loss seems to be the norm in Alzheimers. To try and stop my husband from eating all and sundry in the garden at the home I have now supplied them with a HUGE glass bowl of those childrens coloured bubblegums and when he is outside they pop one in his mouth and with him chewing, it seems to stop him from putting anything else in his mouth. I only worry about him choking though, oh dear this never gets any easier !!!!
I am in the process of employing my own careworker who will go to the home everyday whilst I am at work just to keep an eye on what is going into his mouth as the home does not have a 1-1 staff ratio,so this may be a solution.
Anyhow Godbless you all and may you all have a "peaceful" weekend.

sad nell

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Mar 21, 2008
bradford west yorkshire
Louise this sound very much like my husband who has a huge appetite , would eat all day but looks almost skeletal, he will also place non food objects in his mouth, leaves and pebbles, 2 weeks ago plastic lid from tube of sweets was chewed for hours , i nearly lost a finger trying to remove it, I also think this weight loss is just another cruel symptom of Ad, he has all the blood tests, thyroid etc all clear, no other explanation.best wishes pam