Weight gain - can it be the Paxil?

Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
I've read various things on how Paxil can cause appetite increase or decrease.

My mother, who has always had a hearty appetite, now will eat almost anything in front of her. The workers at her home have had to remove sugar packets & creamers from her table because she would eat them.

One of her tablemates has very little appetite so once my mother wolfs down her meal, Doreen often will try to slide her plate over to my mother. Mum must think it's manna from heaven. The workers do try & keep an eye on her but Mum's quick!!

Needless to say, she now weighs about 190 lbs on a 5'3" frame. She looks about 8 months pregnant. We're having lots of fun trying to figure out what to do. The doc has increased her cholesterol meds because of the weight gain.

Has anyone else noticed abnormal weight gain? I do realize some of it is Mum sitting around a lot but even so, the meals they provide are well-balanced and not heavy. We've cut out gravies & sauces & most cakes & sweets.

A friend of mine gained a great deal of weight while on Paxil. Conversely, my sister (who is slim, of course) reported that she had to force herself to eat once every 24 hours (maybe I should take Paxil for weight loss.......no, with my luck, I'll get the increased appetite & have a piranha feeding frenzy.)

Anyone experience this with their family member?



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Oct 15, 2005
Hi Cdn. Joanne

Can't say about Paxil but my mum went through a phase in 2003 where she could eat a dozen oranges, about half a dozen bananas and then have a hearty meal . I can't tell if this was because she had forgotten what she had eaten or because she had an appetite. Anyway, it was only a passing phase. Today, I have a hard job getting her to eat and drink.

Michael E

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Apr 14, 2005
Ronda Spain
Joanne hi,

Monique has put on weight alarmingly in the last months - year. Gone from a small waisted slim, svelte size 10 to a really tubby all over XL. The doctor gave her anti-cholesterol pills as well after a blood test.

She certainly likes sweet things and I understand that is normal - not so much chocolate as cakes - Lemon flan is favourite but I buy a selection of little tartlets - in the boulongerie and she scoffs them pretty fast.

Oddly my dinners are not eaten with the same relish but that could be other reasons although my cooking has improve enormously! Even tastes OK to me!

Seriously in Monique's case I am certain it is lack of exercise that is a main contributory factor. She hardly does anything. lots of sitting around, laying on the couch and sleeping. Our friend Louise takes her to a café for a 'Guinness' once or twice a week and takes a very long route to this hostelry that actually is only 100 metres away in order to give her some exercise. Where Monique got the taste for Guinness is beyond me!

I am no diet expert but I know I am having to look out for my own weight problems being stuck in the house so much... is this maybe part of your mums problems?


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Jun 3, 2005
Michael, Joanne, anybody - re. weight gain

Have you/they had a blood test for thyroid output lately? Mine went Kaput about 10 years ago, but sadly wasn't diagnosed until 5 yrs ago, and weight gain, tiredness/lethargy are certainly common symptoms (even when I'm OFF the chocolate!)

Just a random thought. Just because someone has something major like AD going on, it doesn't make them immune to other common or garden things going pop as well, and complicating the symptoms.

Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
Lynne, great point. I called the home & her thryoid levels were checked last March so I asked them to mention it to the doctor to see if it makes sense to do another test. Thank you for mentioning it. I wouldn't have thought of it.

Michael, yes, I'm sure her inactivity has a LOT to do with it. I was not working from April to Sept so I went to visit more often & had her on the exercise bike in the little gym they have & also dragged her out for walks. She did lose a couple of pounds but of course once I started working again, that was cut down considerably.

She's now on a diabetic diet as her blood sugar is up a bit. We have been monitoring that and also the cholesterol, which is up too.

I guess it's part & parcel & we'll just have to keep an eye on as much as we can.

Nada, thanks for clarifying that for everyone. I couldn't remember the generic name for Paxil & was too lazy to look it up.

Have a nice weekend everyone!