1. VonVee

    VonVee Registered User

    Dec 15, 2014
    Poole Dorset
    Tonight about 8 pm I had another phone call from an elderly resident at the same SH ACCOM my mother live in, asking me to come over as my mother was in the lobby sitting on a chair, staring into space, and waiting for a taxi to take her to London apparently, so yet again we dropped everything and went over immediately, when we arrived, we took her back into the flat and sat her down, at first she was very reluctant to go to bed, as she still wanted to get a cab to take her home! Anyway I persisted, and she got a bit nasty with me, pointed her finger at me and said don't boss me about Yvonne, I'm not going to be told what to do or you being bossy with me (I wasn't btw) and she looked at me angry, so I said , Mum you have dementia altzeimers, and she shook her head, no I don't she said, I'm alright, so I said, well why do you feel like this then, so she shakes her head again and oh I don't know, so I took her hand and said Mum you have a disease in your brain and it's making you do silly things and it's making you feel this way, and it's not your fault, with that she put her head on my chest, and I stroked her hair, and she calmed down, I got her undressed, gave her, her meds, and then put her to bed, when out of the blue as she put her head on the pillow, she lifted up her hand and said, here take these, I don't want them, you can have them, they are going to fall off, so I said what are, and mum said, my rings, (her wedding rings) so she seemed a bit anxious, so I took them off, and it must been the first time they've been off her fingers in 52 years, I felt weird and akward taking them, but she was persistent she wanted them off, and I didn't want her to get upset again, so I kissed her head good night, turned off the light, tucked her in and took the rings home.

    Is this normal behaviour? Because it freaked me out a bit...

    Also the care agency think she might have a urine infection, as she's nearly tried to go missing twice this week, and it's unusual behaviour out of the blue, but I'm busy tomorrow, so I've asked them if they can get on to the district nurse or doctor, so she can be tested for an infection and they said yes so I don't worry and they'll ring me and let me know etc.

    Any help be appreciated thanks x
  2. SugarRay

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    May 5, 2014
    Sunny South East
    Bit of a short and rushed reply so I apologise - buy a cheap Argos ring for Mum. I wear my Mum's wedding ring and she has a cheapy one. doesn't realise. Good luck. Sorry for the rush... SR
  3. jugglingmum

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    Jan 5, 2014
    My mum still wears her wedding ring, and my dad's on another finger, but she asked me to take her engagement ring when she was in hospital, which I did. She then asked for it back a few times, which I have blustered about and she has forgotten again, as she doesn't wear it no constant reminder.

    I'd try and get something similar to give to her as then the 'real' rings won't get lost forever as she is likely to take them off and put them somewhere 'safe' if you give them back to her.
  4. marmarlade

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    Jan 26, 2015
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    dont talk about pumpkins

    took hubby to our sons at the weekend.we do this every Sat,the son had a pumpkin so hubby then went on to tell us about what they had been doing with pumpkins at the home.but some where along the line another resident had taken his piece of pumpkin so all afternoon he was getting angry about this piece of pumpkin that some one had taken from him ,we went along with this all afternoon till some thing was said that made us laugh.OH dear hubby was not amused he came out with you are taking the p--s out of me ,this was so like his old self , we were so surprised and pleased that some where in there is still our dad and hubby, its silly things like this that make a good visit and im sure you allhave had the same small thing that bucks up the day

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