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  1. Jassac

    Jassac New member

    May 6, 2019
    Yesterday my mum had another of her episodes, she was getting into the car at the time but her legs were going all over and she couldn't pull herself into the car. She never has had problems before. We realised that she wouldn't be getting in the car, so we tried to get her sit in her wheelchair but that was a no no. Any way we managed to get her back in the bungalow and sat down in her armchair, took us 5 hours. She said her arms were aching.Later she wanted to go to the bathroom, so we put her walker in front of her and she normally puts her weight on the handles and boosts her self up but yesterday she couldn't, didn't have the strength. Last night she stayed in the chair all night, smith me sitting with her, sordid eventually go to sleep so I did too.
    Today she still couldn't stand but she was talking and aware as best she can be, so I rang the doctors, someone came out and tested her heart and blood pressure which were normal, so he wasn't concerned. I asked him how we could get her out of the chair, he suggested a commode for the toilet but he zeemed to be missing the point.
    I've managed to change her and wash her as she is doubly incontinent and I've put her waterproof sheet under her as best I can, because she can only raise her self up so fair, I still haven't managed to pull her incontinence underwear fully up
    The doctor said her mobility will come back eventually and he referred her to physiotherapy but there is a waiting list.
  2. Grannie G

    Grannie G Volunteer Moderator

    Apr 3, 2006
    I`ve no experience of this @Jassac. I`ve experienced loss of mobility with my husband, but as a general decline, rather than as the result of an episode.

    You still need more help with your mother until she does regain her mobility, perhaps a carer to help you move her and also perhaps the use of a hoist to help you lift her into her chair and into bed.

    However I believe a hoist needs two people to operate it.

    It`s OK for the doctor to say your mother will regain her mobility. What are you expected to do till then?

    I'd give them another call.
  3. Jale

    Jale Registered User

    Jul 9, 2018
    Has your Mum been checked for a UTI, whenever mum lost control of her legs/body she had an infection - it once took us nearly an hour to get her to walk about 2 yards. Hope you can get things sorted
  4. Pete1

    Pete1 Registered User

    Jul 16, 2019
    Hi @Jassac, I concur it with @Jale it could well be an infection - that was usually the case with my Mum in those circumstances - became weak and had trouble standing - incontinence increases the likelihood. One time however she was struggling and it transpired that she must have had a fall at home without our knowledge as a subsequent fall that ended up with her in hospital revealed a, nearly healed, spine fracture - Mum was one that never complained of pain so it was difficult to actually diagnose. If the Doctor hasn't checked for infection it may be worth asking for it, they can provide the 'kit' for a urine test. In the meantime you clearly need help in moving and lifting your Mum - can you speak with the GP surgery and Social Care to put some immediate care support in place until you can arrange help - they do this in my area (they use the same companies who deal with the 6 weeks after hospital discharge for re-ablement), it is a prevention measure to stop someone ending up in hospital.

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