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Ways to make life easier


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Jan 11, 2012
For christmas I got a cordless vacuum cleaner. I absolutely love it and it would have been very handy when I used to go over to my mums house to clean as invariably I would find the hoover dismantled, thats if I could find it at all, and then my time would be used up just fixing the hoover. If I'd had this gadget i could have popped it easily into the car each time to take with me.
i also got a gadget to help clean windows, shower doors etc which is also pretty good as the cat makes a mess scrabbling at windows and doors to get in.
My house went completely to pot really trying to cope with dementia as well, and i really hated the mess i seemed to be continually surrounded by, let alone all the paperwork which i still struggle with as someone is always wanting to see something and I have to drag it all out again.
So just wondering really, are there any other gadgets out there that really do what they say and can make life a bit easier. We did have something on her keys and if we clapped our hands the keys bleeped but that wasn't really a success as she dismantled that or hid the keys so well we couldnt hear it!

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