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Old Bob

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Nov 28, 2005
My wife is in her third year with AD and we are coping quite well, The problem is that practically every night she has an
accident, We have a night light on so my wife can see the
bathroom door,She sleeps soundly and so maybe doesn't get to the Toilet in time, There is never any problem during the day, Has anybody got a simple, clever solution,
I am pleased to be here, Regards.


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Oct 28, 2005
Cambridgeshire UK
All I can come up with Bob is pads. If your wife would have them. Just came into my mind as our support worker came yesterday and she was telling me she always has spare pads in her car. Could also try a rubber sheet for the bottom of the bed to stop the mattress getting wet? The sheets will still be wet of course.

Good luck



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Mar 7, 2004
Warm welcome to T.P. Bob.
Have mentioned this elsewhere today, but a good starting point is the 'incontinence nurse', either through your G.P. Social worker, or C.P.N.
Hope you get help soon, Connie


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Dec 27, 2004
Hi Bob ,are You Taking Her To The Toilet Before Bed?its Allso A Good Idea To Wake Her In The Morning At A Regular Time ,and Also Cut Down On The Late Night Drink , If You Are Doing These Thing Then The Next Step Has To Be The Continance Nurse As Others Have Said ,angela


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Aug 23, 2005
Dear Bob

Incontinence Nurse, pads, kylie (not sure how to spell this) - it's a special blanket that absorbs the liquid and helps prevent the patient or the mattresss getting soaked - I think!

Try not to get into a situation whereby your wife restricts her drinking to try to prevent this happening. There's a pretty good chance not enough drink could lead to urine infections - which in turn seems to quite seriously affect Ad sufferers mental stability.

I believe I'm right in saying that if the bladder is left pretty empty that's when a bug can thrive; the bladder becomes irritated and patient has to keep going to the loo - making them not want to drink at all.

Secret seems to be to drink plenty throughout the day to keep the bladder full, bladder stays strong and more able to cope without the need for constant visits!

I'm not a Nurse (not that you'd notice from my description above!) but I think I'm right.

Also be a good idea to get a waterproof mattress cover (needn't be rubber or plastic that can make you uncomfortable), you can get towelling covered waterproof mattress covers.

Good luck - make sure you get the help you need - because you're entitled to it and it should make YOUR and your wife's life a little better.

Best wishes



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Dec 27, 2004
,HI your right ellie ,in not restricting drinks ,its most important to give plenty of fluids ,but it does not make sense to me ,to go to bed with a full bladder ,as the bladder is not staying full ,the bed is ,i was told early on in my husbands illness that it was best to have a routine, i ignored this for a long time but had to ,in the last year , and managed to keep my husband dry till the last few weeks when he was in hospital and became double incontinant allmost at once ,the kylie(not sure of spelling)sheets you mentioned were very good , though did not get much chance to use them ,anyway ,BOB i am sure it is time to get the continance nurse involved ,i found their advise very good ,ANGELA


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Hi, I found a kylie invaluable for my Mum as it wasnt a regular occurance and she would not entertain a pad, nor most nights, did she need on. I placed the kylie under a white draw sheet that I made from some of her old sheets that had seen better days. Unless you looked closely you didnt notice it. If she had an accident, I whipped off these two small things and put on fresh. It was a lot less hassle than a full bed change and also saved her dignity as the kylie is ultra absorbant and she was not left dripping. Oh, I also protected the matress with a fitted waterproof sheet under the ordinary bed sheet so she never twigged that either! Love She. XX


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Nov 23, 2005
thank you for your message

hello sheila thank you for your message. it has helped me a lot. reading about all the other peoples helps me to cope. my husband john has been in the home a week now. it seems very nice. the carers are friendly. he has his own room .it is very clean and modern. and the other inmates said they enjoy their dinners. also because my husband has messed himself a lot in there. they got a doctor to him my husband had his flu jab. blood test. and he has sent his some bowels movement away to be tested. he said to me he does not think it is anythink to worry about. he has been in since last thursday and i have been six times there with him. but now i am going to go every other day so that i can have a break. thanks again for your very kind message love from patricia.