Watches stopping, before and after.


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Jan 27, 2006
I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen? Dad passed away last Saturday. Prior to his passing, I had 3 watches stop.
In fact it had become a bit of a joke with mum and me having to replace the batteries every week when I took mum shopping.
Then after I had got back home to bed on the morning at 2.30 am, having taken mum home after being with dad from 8 in the evening, The nurses rang us up at 4.30 am, to tell us dad had took his last breath.
I can understand, that my alarm clock by the side off my bed stopped at that time they rang. As I grabbed it that quick, when I answered my phone. I must have dislodged the battery.
But I can't understand why dad's wrist watch that I have kept under my pillow for the last 6 yrs that he's been in the nursing home, had stopped when I checked it on the evening of his death, after I had noticed my alarm clock had stopped at the time they had rang me? I popped dads watch in my dressing gown pocket in the morning, thinking i'll take a look at that when I go downstairs, why on earth as it stopped I just had a new battery in that 1 last week?
Well I forgot about it with so much to do, until on the night after having got ready for bed I found it in my pocket again, took another look.... It had started again??
Dad's watch had been virtualy new before when mum gave it to me. It held such good time, I used to set my alarm clock to it's time. The watch hadn't been moved at anytime, when dad was passing over until I looked at it on the evening of his death.
Makes you think? Some things you just can't explain.
Any thought's on this anyone?:)