Was the doctor right?


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May 22, 2006
My Mum lost the ability to talk properly on Saturday (just slurred noises come out). This is about the third time it has happened. My sister had the doctor out but he said it was probably a mild stroke and he wouldn't do anything as she has a brain scan scheduled for Tuesday. Her speech eventually came back but went off again on the evening. My sister phoned the emergency doctor who wouldn't come out and gave much the same reply as the first doctor. Again her speech came back after an hour or so. I thought if they suspected a stroke they told you to take the person straight to hospital. I live 300 miles away so I wasn't there but my sister put Mum on the phone and her voice was really slurred.


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Feb 17, 2006
Yes I find it strange, that your mum was not taken to the hospital. if she till worried ,get a taxi & go to your local A&E or call NHS direct , I always fine them, really helpful & can give good advice in telling what to do for the best for your mum.