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Warning - New COP documents have been introduced

Emily M

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Jan 20, 2015
I have just found out that the format for some Court of Protection forms has changed and after 2 November 2015 the old format will not be accepted.

The following note appeared in small print at the bottom of a letter I recently received from the COP:-

"As from Monday 2 November 2015 the court will only accept the new court forms (introduced 1st July 2015) and cheques made payable to HMCTS or HM Courts & Tribunals Service. Any applications made on the old forms and any sent with a cheque made out to a different party will be returned"

This includes COP1, Court of Protection Application Form and COP1A, Annex A Supporting information for property and affairs applications. The website below shows a full list of the Court of Protection forms that have been affected by the changes. I don't think this link will work so you will have to type the address or cut and paste it.

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Emily M

Registered User
Jan 20, 2015
Good spot Emily M & the link is fine for me too.:)

A few months back I posted that LPA forms are also changing in the New Year and thought it was worth adding to this.

If you have forms all signed up but not registered get them in now before it too late!!!!

Thanks Pete.

Pure chance that I spotted it - it should be as a header at the top of the letter. I had a sudden panic that COP3, Section 2, that the GP signed might be out of date if we didn't send the forms off quickly, and that it would have to be done again. It doesn't look like that one is affected if my link is correct.

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