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Want to know what the next deputy leader of the Labour Party thinks about dementia??

Sarah Thomas

Registered User
Oct 9, 2006
Put a question to the future deputy leader of the Labour party

We asking people with dementia, their carers and those affected by dementia to question the next deputy leader of the Labour Party about issues surrounding dementia.

The current deputy leader of the Labour Party John Prescott MP has announced his intention to step down in the next few months. This will leave a vacant position at the top of the Party organisation with, as yet, no clear successor. So far 5 MPs have thrown their hats into the ring.

So what do these contenders for such an important role in the governing party think about our ageing society and as a Society we treat people with dementia? What can they/their party do in the future to better the quality of life and rights of people with dementia and their carers?

Over the next few weeks the BBC will be putting questions to these contenders on a variety of issues. These questions will be generated by the public and the best will be chosen.

This is a fantastic opportunity for all our dedicated supporters and campaigners out there to ask those burning questions.