want to give a gift to nurses (not chocolates)


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May 25, 2006
since mum broke her hip in august and had hip operation she has been in the local community hospital. She is now ready to return to her care home and I would like to give a gift to all the lovely people who have looked after her any ideas. As one nurse said to me its nice that people appreciate us but we are all on diets and keep the chocolates for the christmas raffle!!!!


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Sep 27, 2006
Thank you presents

When my mother was due to come out of hospital I spent days looking for an extra special 'thank you' card. I found one which I loved and it cost as much as a large tin of assorted chocolates would have done. I wrote heatfelt thanks in it and it was a great hit with all the nurses.

This Christmas I am going to buy the ward Ken is in a new stereo system, get some music from the 60's (our era) and ask someone to wire the system up so that it can be switched on from the locked ward office with speakers up high in corners where they can't be broken. Hopefully it will be a present which both staff and patients can use to play their favourite music for many years to come.


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Jun 27, 2006
Fruit basket? Particularly one of those that are all one type of fruit (so it's easy to divvy up)? An assortment of small packs of gourmet coffee? I think you can do food but I don't think it necessarily needs to be fattening food :)


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Apr 15, 2007
This is very thoughtful of you, I think a arrangement of flowers sent through the florist would be admired and appreciated. Regards Taffy.

fearful fiona

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Apr 19, 2007
I was in hospital for a long time a few years ago and wanted to thank the nurses and saw that they had loads of boxes of chocolates piled up, so knew like you that that was a no-no. In the end I send a flower arrangement (so they didn't have to fuss around finding a vase etc.) and wrote a long thank you letter saying how much quicker I had got better thanks to all their kind attention.

Hope this helps.


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Jun 10, 2004
South East Wales, UK.
Sorry to put a dampner on the flower suggestion but I work on a ward Womens Health Unit & flowers & fruit are banned from the ward because we had an infestation of small flies last year & we found that the fruit & flowers attracted the pests! Thats not to say all wards are the same, suppose you could easily find out. Rosie.

Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
Why are flowers a no-no? The scent upset people?

Back to the presents issue, what about small soaps, small bottles of shower gel etc from say a shop that has a polite reference to the human carcass in its name. Arrange in a basket like a floral offering. People can take what they like & someone gets the basket (that person that always complains about scents).

Tender Face

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Something for the staff room/rest area which the staff from all different shifts can enjoy?

Something with some permanency like a new noticeboard/kettle etc? (You could make a few enquiries .... bet there's something they haven't got round to clubbing together for) ....... Or a selection of herbal teas and speciality coffees .... ????

I agree with TinaT - it's expressing the thanks that's important, not necessarily the gift ...... on one occassion I was so impressed with my mother's care after a lengthy period on a hospital ward I wrote to the Hospital's Chief Exec with my observations of the high standards generally and in particular specifying a couple of personnel I felt were oustanding in the hope, if there was no 'award scheme' for the staff, the record of mine and mum's appreciation was permanently on their personnel files (and copied to the individuals). A 'morale boost' costs next to nothing but is probably the most appreciated of all?????

Great news your mum is well enough to be discharged, :)

Love, Karen, x


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Jun 27, 2006
Actually it's because they can harbour molds which are problematic for people who have had chemo and have an impaired immune system.


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Mar 6, 2007
Wigan, Lancs
Flowers are banned on all wards in all hospitals in our area as far as I know, because of the attempts to keep the wards clean and MRSA etc. free.


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May 10, 2006
When I was looking for something to get for the staff at my mothers home, my friend who's been a nurse for the past 30 years advised me to get them a selection of teas and coffees ....



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Oct 17, 2007
kelowna, bc, canada
When a friend of mine's aunt had leukimeia and was supported for a long time by the local hospital, she bought a picture of a lovely local scene for the nurse's room. They loved it, and it sort of left a memory of her aunt with them too.


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Mar 3, 2007
I've just bought some of the 'forget-me not seeds' in packets from the Alzheimers websit shop and i'm going to hand them out with christmas presents as little extras. One, because they can be grown into lovely little flowers and two, because they will raise awareness of this terrible disease.


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May 25, 2006
ta for all thoughts

As mums ward discourage flowers have gone with the idea of special coffee xx


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May 25, 2006
just to let you know took the (christmas extra selection coffee) in tonight from john lewis and it went down very well. Julie who was mums main carerer in hospital said thanks I will put it in the nurses rest room and we will all enjoy ta for something different
so ta for idea x

Margaret W

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Apr 28, 2007
North Derbyshire
I'd suggest a monetary donation toward the staff Christmas party. Or some bottles of wine for the same.

My mum's ward actually appreciated a donation of money to the resident's fund - they use it for buying raffle prizes, bingo prizes etc.

Hope this is helpful