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Walking continually


New member
Apr 8, 2020
I am a full time carer for my wife. She walks almost continually and usually, quietly, counts the steps she has taken as she walks along. By late afternoon/very early evening she is exhausted and goes to bed very early, doesn't sleep too well and wakes up early. I don't sleep too well alongside her and although I don't go to bed early I wake early with her. We live in an average size house with a small garden and are very rarely apart. Consequently no matter where I am or whatever I'm doing she walks past me extremely frequently. For the most part I take it in my stride (no pun intended!), but sometimes, especially when I am overly tired, I react badly (not physically!). Any comments or observations would be appreciated

Old Flopsy

Registered User
Sep 12, 2019
Welcome @Old4qs to this forum. I hope you will get plenty of advice.

I haven't had this issue myself as my OH could not walk much, and when he did he would fall- frequently.

Just thinking maybe you could try going to bed earlier so that you wouldn't be so tired yourself- just a suggestion.

Have you tried putting key words in the search box above- it would take you to solutions that would be more help than me!

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Hello @Old4qs

I have read about people with dementia shadowing their carers. It`s thought to be a form of insecurity. If they are alone in a room they might think they are alone in the house.

What happens when you are sitting and relaxing? Does your wife sit with you or does she continue to walk? Are there any DVD`s of old television programmes or her favourite artists she would be happy to sit and watch? I used to settle my husband with DVDs of Dad`s Army, Only fools and horses or Andrea Bocelli.

My husband used to come looking for me if I was in a different room and I often stepped back only to step on his toes because I hadn`t realised he was behind me. The continual walking and counting I can imagine becoming really irritating.

Would listening to music using ear pods help?

paul 52

New member
Mar 24, 2020
Its an awful situation,my husband plods around the bungalow all night ,i do usually get up and put him back to bed ,but last night I woke with him ,hourly,but just let him carry on,still ready and up to go out from 6am for a walk..the doctor has prescribed anti psychotic and sleeping tablets ,but they have not had any effect,I feel exhausted ,but still have to work.
He is not tired at all ,and does shadow me .
Feel I'm living a nightmare.