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Walkie Talkie Window Visit


New member
Sep 22, 2019
I was so excited to finally visit Mum today, after many weeks of not seeing her as the Care Home was reinfected with Covid followed by a local lockdown. Mum is very much in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. We have previously had several successful garden visits over the Summer, and even got her laughing and smiling at those. Today was a different story and was not the visit I had longed for. A gazebo had been erected outside, and had been split into two to facilitate two visits at the same time. And then we were given a walkie talkie to talk through a closed window into the Care Home, as was Mum. It was a disaster. Worse than the Skype Calls we had previously tried without any success. She was so very confused and was unable to understand what was happening or what we were saying. There was no glimmer of a smile when we were blowing her kisses or telling her that we loved her. It only made her more confused and distressed. Just heartbreaking. I will not put Mum through this style of visit again, it just didn’t work for us.


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Oct 10, 2020
My experience with the 'traditional' stye window visit is mixed too, devastating for all concerned and if risk asesed robustly and planned well could be managed safely in a more satisfactory manner I feel 🌸

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