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waking in night worrying


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Mar 30, 2015
my oh says he wakes in the night worrying when i ask him what about it is the silliest or strangest things i ask why you would you worry about that? i do not get a answer he is also becoming a little hostile about my 83 year old mum who is very fit and healthy and always lovely to him just wondered if any one had these things?


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May 18, 2014
In the early days my mum would often wake in the middle of the night fretting about one thing or another, mostly it was if the bacon had been cooked, if the dog and cats had been fed and if I was warm enough and then the same things night after night. As time has past she still gets up through the early part of the night, but not worrying about things anymore. She can get unreasonably jealous about one or two of my friends, they visit have coffee with us and mum is polite and chatty with them, but as soon as they leave, Her comments are quite cutting, strangely to me these comments are the only things where her speech pattern makes sense!