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Dec 29, 2015
Hi there, first post for me, not been in touch with any Gov organisations, but we havent received any messages to say whether dementia/altzimers is classed as in at risk group. Apart from my husband having early( diagnosed at 58 now 63) pca altzimers ,he also has epilepsy,,heart condition, kidney disease and is on blood pressure medication. Would you say hes at risk at this time of this virus if he got it, I am shielding him at the moment at home as worried for his health and also for my own if I were to get it how he would cope.


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Jul 23, 2017
N Ireland
I've put a link to the Government site that details shielding below. It doesn't seem to apply but there is reference to checking with the GP in some circumstances so it may be worth a call to the surgery as they would have full details of your husband's health issues.

The guidance wouldn't apply to my wife but I'm shielding her to a great extent as I dread to think what effect even a moderate dose of Covid-19 would have on her dementia.

JIM rom Deeside

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Mar 29, 2020
After reading your husband's list of complaints I would think he would be on the at-risk list I do know that the letters are being staggered my grandson got his letter last Monday but his other Granddad got his on the Saturday after so don't give up.


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
My OH doesnt come under the categories either, neither do we come in the "at risk" over 70s, but nevertheless Im sure that OH would be at risk as he has lots of neurological problems, so he is staying at home and I am going out as little as I can.


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Jan 5, 2014
I think the heart condition and kidney disease might put him on the 'at-risk' list but not the shielding list

I have asthma and so fall into the 'at risk' list - I am not aware (I've read an awful lot of the government bumpf for various work related reasons) that people in the 'at risk' category are receiving letters, just those in the shielding category.

My understanding is these categories have been set because medically they are those with a poorer outcome if they catch the illness not because they are generally vulnerable for other reasons.

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