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Sarah Thomas

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Oct 9, 2006
Hi All

My name is Sarah and i have just begun working for the Society with the policy and campaigns team.

I have been informed by May, a fellow member of talking point, that not everyone reads the campaigning section of the website and that it would be a good idea to post my message elsewhere on the site. So here is my message...:)

What do you think about the present system of charging people with dementia for personal care??
The Alzheimer's Society thinks that charging people with dementia for personal care is unjust and discriminates- we want to bring about change.

We have an opportunity to try and do this by influencing the Labour Party’s next general election manifesto[/u][/b]

But we need your help- we need you to register your support for our campaign on their website and add your views.

The Alzhemier's Society’s campaign to end charging for care can be found by clicking here

Registering your vote only takes a few minutes. The voting ends on the 15 November 2006 and we hope that our site registers the most support, so that the Labour Party is aware of the strength of feeling behing this campaign and we win the opportunity to present our campaign face to face.

Please make as many people as possible aware of this campaign and encourage them to pledge their support.

Many thanks

For further information or enquiries please contact me, Sarah Thomas, on 0207 306 1185
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