Volunteers' Week 2019!


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Oct 7, 2017
Many thanks to all of you for your help and kindness. There have been times when I have been in tears but I can come here, feel safe, share how I feel, and know that I'll be understood. Thank you to all of the volunteers, you are wonderful.


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Jan 8, 2017
A big big thank you to all the Moderators- i have learnt so much here, and I so admire your patience and kindness to everyone


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Sep 1, 2017
Today, as part of Volunteers' Week, we'd like to highlight the below quote. We received this message from a Dementia Talking Point member who wanted to show their appreciation to our wonderful team of volunteers:

"I‘d like to let the all the volunteers know how much your work and efforts are appreciated.

It’s early days for me but I’ve learnt so much, it’s helped me so much. I’m sure I have more patience because of what I’ve gained from TP. And I’ve learnt important things, like we had POA for financial affairs but not health and welfare.

You’re all doing a fantastic job, and I want you all to know how much it’s appreciated.

Thank you."

Please join us in thanking and celebrating our team of volunteer Hosts and Moderators below!​
I agree and add my thanks also xx