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Vivid dream


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May 18, 2015
Hi all.
Dad has been on Donepazil for 3 months now and he is generally so much better,interacting with us,which had become almost non-existent and his memory has improved no end but he had a dream a couple of days ago.Mum woke up and thought where is he,then 2 hours later he came home(in the car) He had dreamt that Travis Perkins(where he worked over 20 years ago) was on fire and he had to go to help...although he didn't even go to the correct place and it certainly isn't an hours drive there and back.
I have found this very upsetting,especially the fact that he in waking he still didn't realise it was only a dream.
Can anyone offer any advice as to whether this is going to keep on happening and has this happened to anyone else?


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May 23, 2013
I am my dad's carer and he's on donepezil. Our memory clinic altered them from night to morning as they could've been over stimulating him and dreams at night.
I read all the fact sheets and saw that some people with dementia can have a sleep disorder. The consultant confirmed this and gave him clonazepam. He started on a low dose. He seemed better for a while..but then his depression and aggjtatedness kicked in and the dreams went from about doing his work in his overalls etc to being lost and really upset not knowing how to get back.
His clonazepam has been increased and so has his antidepressants. It ll take weeks to kick in.
Think the fact sheets on the all society Web page may give more info. (Sorry I can't get the link to attach)
Best wishes