Visited Mum on Boxing Day


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Mar 27, 2006
Hi all me Leanne and the twins went to Liverpool to see mum. As i was driving i was full of mixed emotions we got to my sisters house and then we travelled to the home to see mum. I think at the moment my sister is really struggling to cope with mums illness she's 21 but to me she's still my little sis,when we entered the home mum was sat in the tv room looking well frail not how a 52yr old should look. As the nurses came over they had to put mum in a wheel chair so we could take her to her room to give her some christmas presents.

As they were getting her in the chair my sister just lost it and started crying at this point i was battling with the tears myself
we took mum to her room and the twins were talking to her and asking "why wont mama look at us" and even this started me off and my sister i gave my sister a cuddle and she said "its hard watching mum not even being able to talk to the twins".

We also took mum outside in her chair for a breath of fresh air and i pushed her and i can honestly say its the most heart wrenching thing ive done this year. And now im being haunted by the vision of me pushing mum in a wheel chair i feel so depressed this morning its unreal.



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Mar 7, 2004
Dear Mark, I am sorry that you feel so down. Quite understandably, I know, as it must be so very hard for you and your sister to see your lovely mum at this stage.

Just to say we are thinking of you, on TP you are never alone. Always someone here to listen and comfort (I hope).

Love n'hugs,


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Oct 20, 2007
So sorry for you Mark and your Family. I know how you are all feeling and it is just soul destroying what this disease does to our loved ones. Your Mum is too young to be going through this and so are you. Stay strong and look after each other, my thoughts are with you all, Love Nicky xxx


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Aug 9, 2005
Dear Mark,
You and your family are THERE for your Mum. That is very, very important.

It is very hard for you all, but please keep doing it because it is so important for her and, in fact, for all of you. You are teaching your little ones a very important lesson about sticking by people in need, helping others, supporting your family - many very important life lessons which they will not understand for many years, but which ARE very important.

Keep strong - for your Mum, your family, and above all, yourself.