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Very worried


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Jul 3, 2005
Perhaps I'm not in the right place but maybe other users of this service have had my experience: I think one of my relative's EPAs is abusing their power. The EPA has not been registered although my relative's money is now being managed by the EPAs ( there are two). My relatives lodgers have been pushed out of my relative's house and she is now on her own in the house. She did not want them to leave but I believe the lodgers (very caring, kind people) were frightened away. One thing the EPA told them was that my relative's doctors wanted them to leave! I feel the ultimate aim, and with no registration of the EPA, is to get my relative's house. This EPA appears to be distorting things, making use of the diagnosis of AD and lying to the other EPA. My relative has told me she does not want to leave her house but there are moves, against her will, to move her. I feel very worried about this and don't know what to do to protect my relative.
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Jan 29, 2005
I haven't had this particular experience ..... but have just recently filled in all the forms for an EPA for my Dad (and for my Mum as well, so as to more easily explain to my Dad that it could be required for either of them at some time) ..... and so have recently looked over all the info from the Public Guardianship Office.

However, this doesn't make me an expert :eek: ....... and if you need quick advice, I'm sure a call to the Alzheimer's help line would be a good idea.

Anyhow, the info on EPAs can be found at:


and is a very easy to read document.

I was under the assumption that the attorney can't assume any of the powers until it has been registered although if you look at page 10 of this pdf document, there is a tiny bit that makes me wonder about that!

Nevertheless, page 27 makes the point that if you suspect that someone is financially abusing a donor, you should write to the Public Guardianship Office with the details. However, from the info on page 28, I'm inclined to infer that they only get involved if the EPA has been registered ...... which surely can't be right, can it?

Certainly, once the EPA is registered, the attorney is expected to keep an account of what they've done with the donor's money/property .... and can be asked to produce accounts at any time. The point on page 34 clearly indicates that the Public Guardianship Office has the power to end the attorney's role if someone suspects they are not acting in the person's best interests.

But ..... as I said at the beginning....... a call to the Alzheimers help line (or to the Public Guardianship Office) would be a good idea.

I wish you well with this though. It must be very worrying for you and my thoughts are with you.


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Jul 3, 2005
FAO ElaineMaul

Many thanks for your response to my post "Very worrried". I am going to contact the Alzheimer's Society helpline as you've suggested. You're feedback on EPA registration was also very helpful.

Best wishes, Sequoia

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