Very worried about mum and dad


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Aug 1, 2012
Hello everyone only been 3 days but finding it hard to cope mum is very fragile state in care home and being on lock down is very difficult to cope with as she needs me a lot in my opinion. Dad struggling health wise due to stroke and bowel problems was going to take him up a&e tomorrow but been told by a family member that hospital don't want people up there. Tried getting a doctor appointment but they don't want you to come in. Was going to have counselling for myself but coronavirus has stopped most activity wake up feeling I want to cry. Work is tough as I'm asked to cheer up but got so much going through my mind. Tired all the time when I get home I have to help my dad this virus could destroy all three of our lives if not careful


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Mar 1, 2013
West Hertfordshire
Has your dad had an accident, or in an emergency situation? if not, please dont take him to A&E

Times are hard at the moment, but we'll get through it.

What job do you do?


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Jul 14, 2006
My own doctor is doing telephone consultations and he will decide whether a patient needs to attend the surgery or can be prescribed or advised over the phone.