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Very interesting night


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Mar 12, 2014
Tonight my partner with the help of his sister opened up on how he is feeling. He is admitting that he is having short term memory issues and is feeling depressed and anxious but he is putting it down to his vascular migraines. He also described that one side of his brain felt like the past and the other the present . He has also agreed to go too the doctor and describe how he is feeling .His sister has agreed to go to the doctor with him and help him explain to the doctor how he is feeling . He mentioned two or three although I have clear long term memories its the present I have problems with" but that doesn't mean I have got Alzheimer's". We reassured him that we didn't think that but thought it was a good idea to talk to the doctor and explain his heads are affecting him.????


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Aug 31, 2003
That's a really good development. I'm glad your partner had agreed to go to the doctor. It must be so hard for him (and for you) but this is a really positive step. Wishing you all strength to deal with the times to come.