VD v Bipolar


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Mar 3, 2024
As someone who cares for a loved one with Vascular Dementia (VD) and also supports an adult niece living with Bipolar Disorder, I’ve observed numerous similar traits between them. These similarities are too striking to dismiss as mere coincidences.

I’m curious to know if others have noticed such parallels and whether there has been any research conducted on this topic.

Best regards, Tavy


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Jun 17, 2024

As with all subjects there will be plenty of comment on the web.

You would need to decide if you wish to just share anecdotal experiences with others (which can help). Or, if you want to look at the issue scientifically. There is a good amount of research that points to direct correlation of the two diseases but does not (yet) conclusively state there is causation.

A number of scientific papers have been published (see below), but of course studies by their very nature cannot be totally objective, given much interaction and testing has to be in controlled conditions and this is impossible with advanced state suffers, and, without consent testing would of course be unethical.

Posting the thread here for comment and experiences of individuals is the ideal start. If you want to know how medical research is progressing look at the published and peer-reviewed papers in the scientific journals, although they are written for clinicians so they can be a bit heavy-going. The most well known of these in the UK is the lancet.

in the US the National library of medicine has lots of information.
search the government site nih for article PMC8219500 (or type into search engine)
Two reports / news article:
search on website “medicalnewstoday” for bipolar-and-dementia (sorry is does let me post any direct links)
In the US there is information on the government site "nih" search for Bipolar Disorder and Manic-like symptoms in Alzheimer's (shortened title)

Hope this helps.