VAT relief


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May 4, 2005
Tyne & Wear
Hello everyone.

I've just been searching the internet for incontinence underwear for my Dad and found that VAT relief is available for 'disabled people' on products used for 'personal and domestic use'.

I searched the TP to see if there was any info here about it but couldn't find any reference to VAT relief so thought I'd mention it. I have emailed the company to find out if AD sufferers would qualify.

This is the link if anyone wants to look into it for themselves and I'll let you know what the response to my email is.

While I'm on the subject, can anyone recommend anywhere to buy incontinence products. I'm really looking for something washable, that looks like normal Y front style underwear with either removable or built in pads. The nurse from the GP's surgery turned up with disposable 'nappies' which are no good to Dad at all. They are going to try to get what we want but I think they'll probably come back to us and say they are too expensive to be provided by the NHS.


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Feb 8, 2006
Hello Carol,
try looking in your yellow pages for 'disabled supplies' or similar and give them a ring. If they cant help you they'll hopefully point you in the right direction.

On the VAT, yes I discovered by accident that we could be VAT exempt when I bought a wheelchair for my mum (mid stage dementia) from a 'disabled supplies' place ex yellow pages near us. I also think that you can get wheelchairs (?) & certain assistance (we got a couple of commodes & a bath seat) from the socials. I didnt chase up the wheelchair as it was after we'd bought it so we paid ourselves.

Also on VAT, we (2 sisters and I) get c£40 a week attendance allowance, but as we all work and dont all live locally (but all muck in at weekends, lunchtimes & evenings) we have to have paid carers in most of the day which I pay for out of my mums meagre savings. This month the carers bill had £153.50 VAT on it, so we got the huge Govt contribution of £6.50 net in March!

Hope this helps,
keep smiling,