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vascular and serious sight loss and my guide dog


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Jul 30, 2014
Lichfield Staffs
I have vascular dementia
and have had type 2 diabetes for 40 years not many live that long with it.
it has taken all the sight in one eye and the distance sight in the other.
but I now have a guide dog called poppy
now I have to go out everyday
and eat and look after myaelf
she has done far more than the social worker to look after me
my problems are patchy
I do not know faces or voices
but do animals
so not my daughter but the dog down the road.
not coins but can do geometry in my head
find it difficult to spell and cant learn new words
speak only formal English
so sound perfectly alright
I get angry about things that I should not .
I do not cope with things going wrong
but guide dogs have givenmy a dog and she has made such a difference to me

Sue J

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Dec 9, 2009
Morning edwardbs

Sorry to read of all your difficulties but how lovely to read that you have an animal companion who evidently helps you so much:)

I fare much better with children and animals too. There is much that I can't do too but at times, there is still much that I can so I try and exploit the positives when I can.

Good to read your post.
Take care, best wishes



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Aug 31, 2003
Good morning from me too.

It must be very hard for you but I do admire the positive attitude you display in your post. I'm glad you've joined Talking Point as I know you will get a lot of help and support here.

Take care.


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Oct 18, 2010
North East England
Congratulations on your new friend, I hope you both have some wonderful times together. In my late Mum's Care Home there was another lady, like my Mum registred blind, who had her guide dog living with her......we loved him to bits!:D:D


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Mar 26, 2011
Near Southampton
Edward, my husband lived for a few months short of 40 years with Type II Diabetes, having been diagnosed in his mid thirties and was on insulin for the last 15 years or so. In his mid forties he developed peripheral artery disease with contributed to his eventual vascular dementia.
His mother who was diagnosed with it at 40 and also insulin dependent for well over 20 years, lived well into her eighties and was hale and hearty until her final very short illness.
So there's no knowing how things work out is there.
I'm so sorry that it has affected your sight. It's such a precious thing, which as I have advanced glaucoma in one eye, I appreciate.

How lovely to have your wonderful guide dog though. It sounds like she is a real companion and friend as well as being such a help to you. My golden retriever would, I think, be useless as a guide dog though a lot of her breed are trained as such. She likes to do her own thing too much and is rather spoilt but is my greatly-loved best friend. I am so glad that your dog has made such a difference to your life.
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Apr 2, 2012
Forest of Dean
I am so pleased you have a canine companion! I work in a vets and we see all sorts. But I can honestly say that life with a dog is a godsend to all sorts of people with varying needs.

They give such unconditional love, and give people a sense of purpose, especially those living alone.