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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
Hi Beckyjan
sorry I did not respond earlier,life is tough at the moment,but I do understand it is hurtful after taking the trouble to make a post,there are no replies.
Bella is fine,just wants fuss and food,she is a favourite with everyone.
We had a cat that brought pressies,mice birds,voles you name it.
After she had been with us for a while the supply dried up.
best wishes


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Nov 28, 2005
Sorry to hear things are difficult. Cats are good company but do not compensate for the other trials we have to face. I am finding my husbands deterioration difficult but I know he could be much worse.
Take care Beckyjan


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Jul 10, 2006
south lanarkshire
Hi Beckyjan

Your cat is georgeous, unusual colouring and markings.

I have just caught up with this thread.

I love cats, I love any animals, but I love dogs more and my little rescue dog (maybe he is not so little. But I am used to St Bernards) doesn't like cats, so cannot have one

Enjoy your pet.



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Aug 9, 2005
Dear BeckyJan,
Was going to make a silly remark about being so jealous of your beautiful cat that I ignored you (!) when I read your post about feeling insecure and realised I would only be making things worse!! Sometimes my weird sense of humour gets me in trouble. Please don't allow any disturbed posters to upset you on this forum. We are getting pretty good at spotting the real "snake in the woodpile" as opposed to just having differing opinions amongst ourselves!!:D

Truly, your Oscar IS a magnificent moggie!! Such beautiful fur and doesn't he know it!! ;)

When I was a child we had a dog (golden labrador called Jason) who would bring you a "present" if he had done the wrong thing! Fortunately he didn't go in for dead (or half dead) things, but brought a stick or a leaf or a slipper . . . !!! Sometimes we had no idea he'd been "naughty" till we got the gift!! (His usual crime was chasing the chooks!)

Thinking of you and truly admiring Oscar! Nell


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Feb 17, 2006
Must of miss this thread somehow :confused: , must say norman am pleased you have a new cat , that is just so lovely looking and I do like the name Bella.

Sorry to read that thing have been tough at the moment , no wonder you have not been around as I was wondering , why you had not been around of late , but did not want to ask .

I do love cats with a lots of Fur on them we had one when I was younger , very
therapeutic to stroke, but now we have a short hair crazy dog , that hate cats run after them , but get scared and does a runner when they hiss at him :)


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Jul 28, 2005
Gosh what beautifull cats you all have! my little rescue cat poppy has taken residence on mums bed now she is home from hospital, I,m going to take a photo later to post as she is such a special little cat, mind you the carers have a difficult job washing and changing mum with a very determined cat on the bed! she creeps back everytime their backs are turned!! but is a great comfort for mum :)