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Using the Search facility


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Jan 31, 2004
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You can find the Search facility in the horizontal bar near the top of the Talking Point page. [see picture below]

Click on it to make a search.

You then have two options:

1. enter some words to search for
2. make an Advanced [ie more complex] search

You can probably make most searches by just entering words, without needing to do an advanced search.

Searching for a single word

For instance, to find all message threads that contain the word "Aricept", simply type that word in the Search box.

You can have quotes around the word, or not.

Searching for any occurrence of several words

If you want to search for several, possibly related, things, then type them both/all in, and separate them using the word "or" as follows:

Aricept or side effects


"Aricept" or "side effects"

This will list any messages that have "Aricept" or "side effects" - or both of them together.

So "Aricept and side effects" would be listed, as would "Aricept" and "Side effects of medications"

Searching for several words used in the same message

You can also search only for messages where both words are present, using "and", rather than "or":

Aricept and side effects

This will list any messages that have "Aricept" and "side effects" in the same message.

So "Aricept and side effects" would be listed.

In this case "Aricept" and "Side effects of medications" would NOT be listed.


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