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Using my mums LPA to pay for her residential nursing care in Wales

My Mum's Daughter

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Feb 8, 2020
This should help


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
From Age Cymru

11.4 Residents’ contributions to more expensive

In particular scenarios, exceptions can be made to the usual rule that
residents cannot make their own top-ups (or a ‘“First party” additional cost’,
as they are referred to in the Welsh Government’s guidance).
For example, residents whose property is subject to the 12 week
disregard, or who have entered into a ‘deferred payment agreement’,
can make up the cost of more expensive accommodation themselves,
from disregarded capital or income. An exception is made to the usual
rule for people in those specific circumstances as they are considered to
have enough resources themselves to pay for more expensive

accommodation once the value of their home is realised.



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May 10, 2022
The district nurse has just assessed mum and she thinks that dementia nursing is not require’s yet. Mum needs residential EMI care, so we are back to square one.


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Jan 5, 2014
I recently moved my mum into an EMI home, it is about what the home will accept - different homes can manage different things..

I used an independent (private) social worker to assist me in the process, including liaising with my mum's sheltered extra care care agency and the care homes to ensure they would accept her behaviours and how she is now.

One home classified some behaviours as nursing care when others didn't. I found it a whole minefield (with a few sleepless nights) and as mum was self funding used her funds to pay the independent social worker - I didn't need a lot of assistance and in my case the cost was less than half a week's stay in a care home, so not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things.

You need to speak to each care home to see what they would and wouldn't accept now and in the future. Be very honest about how your mum is on a bad day.

I found the independent social worker via google.


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May 10, 2022
Anyone got any suggestions on how we entice my mum to leave her home that she’s lived in for more than 60 years? That’s the only part of this whole sorry tine that I’m dreading, my sisters having nightmares already and it’s weeks away yet.

Also, I’m truly grateful for the help I’ve received on this forum. It’s been an invaluable source of information and clarity.


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May 10, 2022
Going to see two residential homes tomorrow that look really nice. Will keep you informed

Btw. I know social services get a lot of bad press but I have to say the lady who is handling my mums case has been remarkably helpful, compassionate and thoughtful, often totally frustrated by the lack of resources available to people in mums condition.

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