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Use iPhone to remotely control Husband’s Tv in Care Home


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Apr 9, 2018
Has anyone managed to control their LO’s non smart TV remotely in his Care Home room, using a smart phone?
I have an iPhone and IPad & recently set up an Amazon Echo Show so I can use the Drop In Facility at anytime and see how he is and he can see and hear me, he doesn’t have to do anything as I control the call and can start and end the call on my iPhone or iPad using the free Alexa App. It’s a great bit of kit which uses the Carehomes free WIFI, which although it works it’s not the fastest.
Husband is mute and immobile and can’t operate his tv remote control, but loves his tv.
The Carers are very good and try and remember to switch it on and find a tv channel they know he likes, but they don’t have the time to continually do this. So a to of the time what was originally an interesting programme choice becomes an awful choice as the next programmes are definitely not to his taste. But as he dang move, hardly talks etc he can’t tell anyone. Using the Echo show I drop in quite a lot and obviously know his preferred programmes.
So the ability to change the channels and the tv volume from my iPhone remotely would be absolutely great. However have seen a few things on Amazon that say that they can do this but the reviews are very mixed and the instructions are very poor for the non techie type person, like me. Plus these things need setting up in the Care home, though thankfully there is a Carer who is a bit more techie minded. The home has Netflix and an Amazon Echo which she has set up as well.
Has anyone got any experience of successfully being able to control their LOs TV remotely via a smartphone? If so what did you use? How easy was it to set up? How easy is it to use? Can you programme it?
I read an interesting thread by member andrewedmondson on this but he had set this all up in his Mother’s home not a Care home setting and a lot of his description was a bit Too complicated for me to understand.
The piece of kit that he is referring to Is available on Amazon and it’s really cheap to purchase. But most of the comments said the instructions were in Chinese/English and didn’t make sense, so needs a bit of extra setting Up knowledge. Any advice would be really appreciated?


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Mar 15, 2020
there is a care home in four marks hampshire who have a devise that allows residents and visitors cuddles its like thick plastic wrapping with arms so put your arms in and can hug each other just thought it might help to flag up to care home and see if it could be done there.