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Sep 12, 2013
Called to speak to my mother today
She is due to have yet another "assessment" tomorrow, this time with an IMCA.
This is despite the decision being made at a best interest meeting that her family are representing her and an IMCA is not needed.

anyway, when I called my mum today (4 times) I was told that she couldn't come to the phone because:

She's having a shower
On her bed and didn't have the energy to come to the phone
On the toilet
The cordless handset hadn't been charged up and so it wasn't possible to take my call into my mum's room.

The carer (who is the best of the bunch and the only one I actually trust) said that she was in her room and had just had her antibiotics.

News to me. I asked why she was on antibiotics.

Apparently a chest infection since last week (he's not sure of exact time as he's been on leave)

We've had absolutely no notification of this infection - although it's no surprise given the unsanitary and disgusting conditions my mum has been living in.

I've emailed the social worker and told her that tomorrow's meeting cannot take place - my mum is ill, in bed and has no energy.

I've had no reply back...

Of course if they ask my mum tomorrow if she wants to leave the care home, she will say no, as she is exhausted.

I think this is exactly what they want.

Disgusted and galled at what care homes/social services get away with - I know I'm not alone in this and have had several messages on another forum, three were about this same care home.
Even more worrying is the CQC report, which gives a "Good" rating for most of the categories.


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Sep 12, 2013
Meeting going on -

Anyone know if a care home can legally refuse to show documentation like:

Care plan

Inventory of possessions (on entering care home)

Eating plan (bearing in mind weight loss has been an issue and I am told records are being kept)

Incident/accident reports/body maps/photos - again bearing in mind that some of these injuries were not reported in the first place and were only discovered when my daughter turned up unexpectedly and collected her from A & E (which we'd previously been misinformed and told that there was an arranged appointment with a consultant, but that's another story)

Invoice for expenditure at care home again this has been refused before and after financial advocate came on board - and the only reason that happened was because social services and care home told me that my daughter had a mandate and LPA, both of these turned out to be untrue.

Anyone know where we stand? Especially as the social worker told me last year that the care home SHOULD show me documentation if asked

What is the problem if there's nothing to hide?


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Sep 12, 2013
Just wondered if anyone had a definitive answer to this

Many thanks - please pm me if you prefer not to put your head above the parapet


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Jun 4, 2010
West Midlands
I haven't got definitive...

But I think they HAVE to show you any/most document you want to read if you have POA

No idea what to advise sorry ...

expect perhaps contact alzheimers help line or age UK

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