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Nov 27, 2006
Gateshead, Newcastle
Hi Everyone, hope you are all in the christmas spirit. (I know I am) hehe

Last Saturday my nan came hoe from hospital just for the night, she done extremley well. My dad, his sister was goin to get my nana from the hopsital and my dad would pick them up when he finihsed work. But as it's Ali my dads sister, she does things her own way, the black sheep of the family we call her.

Well anyways, I told my dad when he came in that Ali had been on the phone, so my dad was gettin angry that Ali had not ingnored my dad and took my nana on public transport home, which aint a very good idea. Is It ?

So my dad goes along my nanas takes his sister outside away from my nana and shouts at her. So Ali leaves and ignores everyone, so my dad has to stray there with my nana, when he has just finished work, so he rings me to take him some clean clothes along (my nana was home for the night to see how she would cope being home, like a trial period if you like)

So when we phone Ali to see if she has administered any tablets to my nana, she is go to hell, i am not tellin you anythinmg, so we could not give my nana any tablets until the following morning.

So now Ali is out of the picture, and she hit me last week, so we deffo do not want her and someone violent round my nana.


The good news is she is home tomorrow for the holidays!!!!!! FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!!!!!!!!

I cannot beileve it, she is doing extremley well, and maybe out for goos shortly, she was very good on Saturday night, she did not drift in and out that much, she was just herself, so for the first time in months,

I can gladly say I now have a smile on my face :D