Update - so much for The Boys In Blue and {REF REMOVED}



I have had only one voicemail message from the police at Epsom in reply to my two emails to individual officers and my separate report to the Surrey HQ. This is a disappointing response considering a whole wardful of people could be in danger of another assault. When i called back the number was engaged. I left a message but there has been no further contact from the police.

I have also contacted {REF REMOVED} about the assault. I set out below copies of both my emails to {REF REMOVED} and the reply (all in italics).

In view of the lack of caring about the patients in the Ward and spineless attitude as demonstrated by {REF REMOVED} fobbing off style email to me (which I find extraordinary considering this charity has gone out of its way to "adopt" the Ward), donations to this charity from me will not be forthcoming unless I detect a more proactive approach in the future.

{Emails removed due to references to specific organisations and people}
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Jan 8, 2007
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Hi there,

I’m sorry, but I’ve had to edit your post above. Posting the names of specific organisations and people contravenes our forum guidelines. And when the police are involved, we cannot allow personal emails/replies to be posted on the boards.

I hope you can understand our position, and that you will post in future without these specific references.


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